April 2016 - Birthday Party Booker

Month: April 2016

Affordable Birthday Lounges In NYC

April 26, 2016

In the days of balling out of control, there's quite  few of us who are unashamed of being penny pinchers. Not everyone has the duckets to pay for bottles of champagne that have pricetags that rival...

5 Bars With The Tastiest BLTs Ever

April 18, 2016

Who was the magical person who decided that bacon, lettuce and tomato would taste like heaven in your mouth? Who? That person deserves a celebration. The BLT is one of the simplest sandwiches, but...

Top 4 Bars With Healthy Options

April 11, 2016

Wait, there's bars with healthy drink options? Yes, that exists. We're living in the day of healthy and mostly braggy people who want to share on social media how much they go to the gym and eat like...

Epic 30th Birthday Party Ideas

April 5, 2016

There's very few birthdays after 21 that are actually exciting. By the time you're 29, you're still holding on to your youth and the ability to say you're 20-something. But then that year is over and...