21st Birthday Party | Birthday Party Ideas and Venues

Ideas For Your 21st Birthday Party

Planning a 21st Birthday Party

So you’ve done it. You survived to 21 years old, and now it’s time to pretend you’ve never had a drink before and get properly poured up. Now, you could go the unplanned route–grab some friends, hit the town, see where the night takes you, and call it a 21st birthday party. But more often than not, the night takes you through a series of indecision that can end up pretty lackluster.

A better option? Plan it out, at least loosely.

21st Birthday Party Venues

Start with where you’d ideally like to get toasty with your crew. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what’s comfortable, ensuring you and your friends have a great time for the big 2-1. However a 21st birthday party is a pretty big deal, and celebrating accordingly might mean stepping it up a notch–never had bottle service? Give it a shot (pun intended). Don’t usually hit the dance floor? Find a spot to dance like crazy, you won’t remember it anyway.

Whatever you choose, give your 21st birthday party the consideration it deserves and scope it out. And, of course, make sure you can trust someone to take care of you, because this is one day you’re fully allowed to get embarrassingly sloppy.

Go get em, you legal drunkard you.