Epic 30th Birthday Party Ideas

April 5, 2016

There’s very few birthdays after 21 that are actually exciting. By the time you’re 29, you’re still holding on to your youth and the ability to say you’re 20-something. But then that year is over and 30 hits and you’re like, “Ouch, my ankle!” But not to worry, those aches and pains have nothing on the beauty of maturity that aging brings. Seriously, your 30’s are glorious!

By then you’ve figured out what you want to do with you career (sort of), you’ve lived enough to know what you will and won’t do and tragic nights of vomiting all over yourself are long gone. In other words, you’re grown and that’s worth celebrating! But you can’t celebrate just any old way. Your 30th birthday celebration deserves to be epic. Here’s a few epic 30th birthday party ideas for you:


Up & Down

This is the place to go if your M.O. is to be seen on the scene. Nothing about this place is lowkey, so be ready to get your Kim Kardashian on, for your birthday. You’re 30, you deserve it. This is a sure-fire star-studded night and what else can you expect from a Meatpacking District staple? Famous DJ’s, famous-er crowd, this is the place you choose when you know you got it like that–we’re talking self-esteem and coinage in your wallet.

night out


Aww, remember Paris Hilton? We barely do–that was a person and era we all try to forget, but let’s not deny her sheer star power (back then) and how much she loved this place. Good news is, it’s still a hotspot, but a bit more lukewarm, so you can actually get in. Maybe. They’re actually known for their “discerning” door policy.

If you’ve partied around the world, this is the type of place that would feel very familiar. With style, elegance and exclusivity, your 30th birthday celebration would be the talk of the town, at least the talk of Chelsea–the awesome, posh neighborhood this place is a part of.



The DL

No, this doesn’t stand for “Down Low,” that’s another beast, for another day or another website. The DL is for Delancey, where this hotspot is located. They know exactly what you need to celebrate you big day in style. If you book with them, you’ll receive a guest list, a champagne toast for parties of ten (10) or more with a complimentary bottle of champagne. That’s well worth every penny you spend to celebrate at this Lower East Side jewel. Seriously, there’s three sexy levels to this place and each one is more decadent than the last. This is one of those one-stop birthday shops, where you can have dinner on the first floor and head upstairs to turn up after and the third floor? That’s the rooftop, so yes please!


Kaskade performs at Marquee Nightclub with special guests, Paris Hilton, and Nicky Hilton in attendance, June 11, 2011 © Al Powers, PowersImagery.com

Stage 48

We know this place sounds like you’ll be performing, but you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. This is an amazing concert video, but lucky for you, it’s also an event space. The stage stays put, so do with it what you will!


Sky Room

This bi-level spot has indoor and outdoor seating with a retractable roof, so it’s got baller status written all over it. It’s in the heart of Times Square, which is annoying, but the silver lining is that the views from the roof all well worth the annoyance of tourists. There’s no view like it. They also make it very easy for you to book the birthday celebration of your choice with various party packages that include food and drinks–some of them even include birthday cake! Happy birthday to you!