Cheers To The Class Of 2016: 6 Places To Celebrate Graduation In NYC

May 31, 2016

You did it! Not only have you graduated, but you have showed up to class, taken notes, studied those things and have passed the tests, c0nsistently enough for the powers that be to think you deserve a degree for it. For all of that hard work, you deserve a celebration, and not just any celebration, but one for the books.
Speaking of books, it’s going to feel so good spending money without having to worry about buying new and expensive books that you won’t need next year. But we digress–back to partying and how you deserve it–it’s been years of hard work and now is the moment you’ve been waiting for (well, besides landing an awesome job of your dreams)…it’s time for your graduation party!
And you’ve made it to this page because you’re lucky enough to get to celebrate your graduation in the city that never sleeps, New York City of course! But don’t worry about picking the right place. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.
Here are 6 places to celebrate graduation in NYC. And we’ve got you covered on some pretty sweet deals with these places if you book with us!
 Pussycat close up
Who doesn’t love bowling? Seriously, nothing says celebration like a night of bowling, drinks and all the deep fried, cheesy, disgustingly delicious treats Bowlmor serves up. Not to mention, it’s like an oasis in the middle of hectic, but buzzing Times Square. So if you’re coming from out of town, you’re killing two birds with one stone–seeing Times Square (tourists love it here) and celebrating your graduation.
Celebrating your graduation on a rooftop in NYC? Yes please! You’re a boss, clearly. This place is everything you’d imagine a NYC rooftop to be. There’s ridiculous views of the city, including being breathtakingly close to the Empire State Building and intoxicating cocktails that will come in a close second. You’ve worked hard. You deserve to celebrate luxuriously!
 PRANNA Main Entrance (1)
If you’d ever had a dream of having your on personal club that you control the guest list for as everyone there is celebrating you, then you’re about to have your wildly self-indulgent dream come true. We’re not judging. We’re talking VIP, bottle service (there’s a very high chance of said bottles being equipped with sparklers) and everyone looking around to make see if Diddy’s in the club. Yeah, you’re Diddy in this fantasy. You’re welcome and also, congrats.
 STB Band Performance
Work hard, play hard, party like it’s your job. Well, except you really should get a real job, but by all means, have fun first. No better time than now. And if you’re looking for a place to go that males you and your friends look like you know somebody that know somebody that know somebody. This is a speakeasy that many people may not know about. What we can tell you is that it may be near the Empire State Building. But we’ve already said too much. Just trust that this location is so LIT, we can’t tell you too much.
You’re living the suite life for your graduation. We see you. But don’t get the wrong idea, you’re not about to sneak you and your guests away to some VIP pod that’s segregated from the rest of the fun-seekers. Suite is the name, but the vibe is partayyyy. If you’re trying to celebrate, this is the spot for you. It’s got the feel of a dive bar, but gives you an upscale twist, worth the presence of your cap and gown.
Here’s another speakeasy deserving of your graduation celebration. The best part of this stealthy situation is that it’s hidden inside of a pizzeria, so your chances of getting some good pizza out of the deal is very high. The staff is super accommodating and will make sure you and your guests are well taken care of. Be prepared to dance the night away as the DJ will be spinning all of your favorites and your drinks will never go empty.