Affordable Birthday Lounges In NYC

April 26, 2016

In the days of balling out of control, there’s quite  few of us who are unashamed of being penny pinchers. Not everyone has the duckets to pay for bottles of champagne that have pricetags that rival monthly rent payments. And sometimes, even the people who do it know they’re one paycheck away from eviction themselves.

So what can you do when you have a budget, but you want to ball out on your birthday? No worries, we’re here for you and your pennies. There’s plenty of affordable birthday lounges in NYC and we’ve got a few for you right here. Keep pinching those pennies–thees places won’t leave you broke.



Ok, so you’re still going to get a bottle? Full disclosure, it’s hella pricey (highest is $350), but you get another free! Nothing says balling on your birthday like two bottles (and for the price of one!) Oh, and there’ a bottle of free champagne, which is the best champagne. Score! And if you’re not doing the bottle thing, or trying to avoid spending money in general, you can still come here and get VIP treatment. At no cost, you can have a VIP list and a reservation specialist (who and whatever that is) and boom, your birthday is special without you having to open your wallet! Your cheap friends will appreciate that everyone on your list is free!

You want more free things, don’t you? It’s your birthday, you deserve it. Slate offers a free personalized birthday flier so you can personally let everyone know publicly on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and whatever other social media you abuse. There’s also free cake and balloons! There’s a free shout out (hopefully by the DJ) throughout the night, you have your own waitress and you can actually request free shots or drinks if you buy bottle service (that must be on the small print because YASSSS)! Happy birthday to you!

Randolph at Broome - Facade

Randolph At Broome

Sometimes you just don’t want all the pomp and circumstance of birthday extravaganza. It must be because you’ve over 30, right? Either way, this time around, you want a lowkey celebration that still feels special.

There’s no beer here, so that shows you that this place relies on cocktails and their well-crafted cocktails, so feel special. Bespoke cocktails tend to be pricey, but the best thing about Randolph at Broome is that they have a 8-hour happy hour which knocks half of the price off their signature cocktails. Perfect! And they also have a patio out front that you can take your drinks out on. Perfecter!


Tonic Times Square
He who spends their birthday in Times Square will reap a great reward. We swear that’s in the Bible somewhere. Ok, so it’s not, but it should be. Ties Square takes a biblical type of patience that only Jesus had. But if you’ve got the nerve for it, go right ahead. Tonic Times Square makes the lights, tourist action of it all more bearable.

If you celebrate your birthday here, there’s some perks. For free, you get a birthday flier to share on social media, free admission, champagne and we hear there’s even more free deals. Sounds like win to us, minus the whole Times Square thing.


Johnny Utah’s
This place is like the cruise of birthdays! There’s so much they do for you, you know, like on cruises where they cook everything for you, make your bed and even take care of your kids? Well if you plan a birthday party celebration at Johnny Utah’s, there’s someone to help plan the party, provide the space, supervise the activities, serve the food.

Johnny Utah’s offers great open bar packages (minimum of 10 participants) and bottle packages. And yes, this is the spot with the mechanical bull and it’s free to ride, so make sure that this is a major part of your birthday celebration. Nothing says I’m not worried about my disappearing youth like riding a mechanical bull!

The Royal Front

The Royal
This place has a name that it must deliver on and if you’re spending your birthday here, you’ll definitely get the royal treatment. There’s buy one get one on the bottle service deal. The highest bottle price here is $400. There’s a VIP table and guest list and another one of those reservation specialists! Bring over 20 of your closest friends and you’ll get yourself a free bottle of champagne. And without opening your wallet, you can get a VIP list who all get in free.