5 Bars With The Tastiest BLTs Ever

April 18, 2016

Who was the magical person who decided that bacon, lettuce and tomato would taste like heaven in your mouth? Who? That person deserves a celebration. The BLT is one of the simplest sandwiches, but also one of the most wonderful. The way the salty bacon perfectly seasons the tomato and lettuce takes you on an ultimate flavor trip.

Not to mention, it can serve as a foundation for a sandwich. Add avocado, add cheddar cheese, or add chicken and you’re left with a sandwich that completely satisfies every taste bud that dances on your tongue. Poetic, right? We love BLTs, obvi! So the fact that there’s a national holiday dedicated to the savory sandwich; it’s totally a holiday worth celebrating.

Here are 5 bars in NYC with BLTs, we mean bars in NYC with the tastiest BLTs ever.



NYC has a bar that is dedicated to bacon. Yes, there is a God! Not only does the menu have everything on it filled with the salty treat, but the drinks have bacon-infused liquors as well. Yum! Even though everything on the menu has bacon in it, staying true to the classic BLT is necessary here, at least once. It’s called Shani’s BLT and it’s a hell of a sandwich. It’s got Applewood smoked bacon, romaine, organic tomato, sunny side up egg, avocado and mayo. Did anyone else’s stomach grumble?


aKa cafe

What makes a BLT greater than the next? A triple-decker BLT, that’s what! This triple-decker packs a powerful punch with Applewood-smoked-bacon, avocado aïoli and the kicker? it has house-pickled vegetables as a garnish. And it’s only $7!


BLT Steak

The name of this place just might be a dead giveaway for the most amazing bites on the menu. Their BLT and their steak must be the features, right? Right! Don’t look at the menu because you’re going to want everything. Just go in knowing you’re going to order the open-faced grilled chicken BLT. Ok, who are we kidding, of course you’re going to look at the menu because they’ve got something called Hipster fries on it, which may or may not include beef jerky. There’s also duck fat hash browns and the ability to order just bacon. Yeah, order responsibly.



This is one of those dive bar type restaurants (loud music, amazing and cheap drinks and quick service) with a laser focus on the food. You may not recognize their BLT on the menu right away. Because of the southern, down-home vibe, everything on the menu has an interesting name. So it’s called the Old Kentucky Club. It’s everything you love about the BLT with grilled chicken, melted swiss and Russian dressing. They even have a BLT with bleu cheese and they call that one Bubba’s Buffalo Chicken Sandy. Cute, but delish.

And honestly, if you’re still not sold, just know that they have pancake-fried Oreos. Who does that!?



Flatbush Farm

This is in Brooklyn because Brooklyn typically has the best of everything. That borough is poppin’ and we almost don’t even want to tell you because the hipsters have already taken over. But big eyeglasses without a prescription and ironic T-shirts shouldn’t keep you away. In fact, the BLTs should bring you to that “thing” below Manhattan.

Wherever everyone else is trying to fancy up the BLT, Flatbush Farm keeps it simple. They use Pullman-style white bread, iceberg lettuce and they don’t hold back on the mayo. With “farm” in the name, you’d expect their fruits and veggies to be from a…farm, right? Well their BLT boasts local tomatoes that are in-house that day. If they don’t have any, you won’t have any. And they top it off with Applewood bacon that literally explodes out of the bread. And they do you one better–it comes with fries on the side!

Anyone else hungry for BLTs?