5 Of The Best Bars To Celebrate Your Birthday

November 5, 2015

Not everyday boy or girl wants to do the most for their birthday. There’s so many alternatives to the dinner or club scene to celebrate your big day. There’s the bar scene. I know, you’re like, “They’re joking right?” Wrong!

Celebrating your birthday at a bar is the new birthday party. Quote us on this. It’s cheaper, less “it’s all about me” and honestly, a lot of fun to go to a bar on your birthday, especially a swanky one.

Why not consider grabbing your friends and heading to the bar to celebrate your birthday this year? But we’re not talking about one of those neighborhood bars where everyone knows your name and it smells like pee, old beer and failed dreams as soon as you walk in. We’re talking about a bar with sophistication and things on the menu that aren’t deep fried.

You’re getting older, so it’s time to get spiffy for your birthday and show your friends you’ve got class and culture a choose a classy bar to celebrate your birthday.

It’s your party and you can fancy cocktail if you want to. And if you’re convinced that spending your birthday at the bar is a good idea, first of all: yay! and second of all, here’s the best bars in New York City to celebrate your birthday:


The Chester

This is no ordinary bar. Word to Sade. The Chester is inside of the hoity toity Meatpacking District’s Gansevoort Hotel. Decadent decor is matched by even more decadent food. The entire place looks like a secret garden that some old English guy would write about. It’s the perfect mix of chill and fancy–it’s a bar and it’s whimsically gorgeous.

It’s perfect to celebrate a birthday. Because when else could you get your friends to pitch in to buy you a $20 salad and a $15 martini?


The Ainsworth Midtown

Wooden walls, leather couches and lined in green foliage–it’s the outdoorsmen’s wet dream. The Ainsworth Midtown has a name that fits its ambiance perfectly. Say  “Ainsworth” with an English accent. Perfect.

While this is more of a restaurant than a bar, we’d be remiss (whatever that means) if we didn’t mention the feel of the place and that feel is bar.


Gold Bar

This is one of Manhattan’s fanciest bars of all time. It’s literally covered in gold and inside of a capsule. Yes, capsule is code for small, but Gold Bar’s limitations in size only makes it more intimate.

You and your party should stake your claim on a tufted couch and enjoy a night of exclusive, New York City, golden bliss.


P.S. 450

Don’t you love it when a trendy place on Park Avenue is friendly and reasonably priced? You should because that is not the norm in New York City. Good food, your good friends and prices that will make you feel like you’re in Queens.

It’s perfect for a budget-friendly birthday celebration, without skimping on any quality. You don’t want your friends to judge you afterwards.


Whitman and Bloom

Yes, there is a bar here, but it may be hard to pay attention to it because the food here is beyond amazing. We’re going to say this once: their cocktails are $11. $11!!! If you know anything about New York City, you know that’s a steal and worth celebrating.

Whether you’re just bringing BAE or your group of friends, Whitman & Bloom is the best birthday choice to impress your friends with your sophisticated palette. Each dish, even the entrees are tapas style and beg to be shared, but if you’re not good at sharing (we’re not), the portions lend themselves to be a little bit generous. It’s cozy, the food is comforting and the overall ambiance feels like home. If you’re looking for a foodie’s paradise type of celebration, this is your birthday plan.