National Celery Month: 5 Places To Get The Best Bloody Mary In NYC

March 29, 2016

Very few drinks have what it takes to cure the illest of all hangovers and also has the ability to serve as a meal, especially on those long flights where you may have slept through the snack/meal cart. That’s where the Bloody Mary comes in. It’s a savory cocktail that gets most of its shine during brunch. When made just right, it’s one of the most flavorful cocktails that’s ever cocktailed.
The garnish may actually be the true star of the show. On some Mary’s, the garnish is an olive, lemon wedge, pickle; but on others, it’s bacon or a fried oyster–whatever it’s dressed up with, you can’t deny the awesomeness of the Bloody Mary.
In case you were wondering, New York City has some pretty bangin’ Bloody Mary’s. We’ve compiled a list of some bars with pretty tasty Blood Mary’s to offer. We’re sure you’re looking for the best Bloody Mary in NYC. And you’ve found it.
 8-TomatoBasil-Andrew Kist

Monarch Rooftop

They’re giving us the Bloody Mary with a fresh twist. They call it the Tomato Basil Martini and it’s got Absolut vodka, cherry tomatoes, Thai basil, fresh lemon, a dash of Tabasco and a pinch of salt. Sounds like a recipe for a good, savory time.
And let’s be honest, having a drink on a rooftop is on of the many things that New York City is all about. You’re in the heart of Herald’s Square, so you have the luxury of looking down on the crowd instead of being in it.

Whitman and Bloom

Whitman & Bloom serve up a Bloody Mary with a kick! It’s spicy and delicious and well worth ordering with your brunch. Want some live entertainment while you sip your Mary? There’s live music everyday here. What a treat!


Throughout the month of March, PS 450 offers $7 Bloody Marys–no matter the day or time. Score! And they serve theirs with Absolut, so you will absolutely get plenty tipsy. And that will come in handy because this spot is more about the party scene than anything else. You will likely dance on a couch.


Randolph Brooklyn
Venture into Brooklyn for this Bloody Mary. By now, you should know it’s worth it. You best not be on some low carb or no carb diet because the way the burger and the waffle fries are set up, you’ll have a carb overload. For brunch, you’ll pay a little over $30 and get an all you can drink moment. We hear after they take your order, the waiter will bring over four different pitchers of all the brunch drinks they offer, so your cup will never run dry.


Ainsworth Hoboken
Jersey’s got some Bloody Marys worth the bridge and tunnel trip. Not only is their Bloody Mary amazing, but the entire menu will have you thinking your stomach is a bottomless pit. At the very least, you’d wish it was. From Buffalo cauliflower to the mac & cheese burger and everything in between, the menu looks like it’s trying to impress Beyoncé. We’re pretty sure she’s impressed…you know, if she went to Jersey. The prices will have you feeling like you’re back in Manhattan.