5 Places With The Best Cognac Cocktails Ever

June 8, 2016

June 4th was a national holiday. You’re totally like, “for real?!” For real. It was National Cognac Day on June 4th. Again, you’re totally like, “for real?!” For real! It’s a day where you can celebrate the smooth brown liquor that tends to wrap you in its warm embrace, only to leave you sneakily intoxicated by the end of the night.
So wait, what is cognac? It’s brandy that’s been properly distilled in France. Fancy, right? So now that you know cognac is as fancy as it sounds, you should celebrate with some of the best cognac cocktails in NYC. Here’s a few–happy drinking!
This is a luxurious place. Seriously. And if you want to sip some cognac, you have to go. Their rooftop and their cognac cocktail, The French Quarter is a combination that’s built for royalty. Your Snapchat’s gonna look like a million bucks. The drink mixes Bulleit Rye, cognac, Peychaud’s Vanilla + Vanilla Bitter, Absinthe rinse karma jamyang. We have no idea what most of it is, but it tastes like a good time.
Not only is this hotspot a part of The Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District, but it’s also one f the best places to get a cocktail worth the NYC prices. They’ve got two cognac cocktails worth trying, the Whiskey Shake and the Speeding Bulleit. The Whiskey Shake blends George Dickel, lime juice, simple syrup, mint for a refreshing and potent sip that is sure to leave you tipsy and wanting more.

3. Mr. Jones Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail is in the name, so you know this is the place to be for a good drink! The Vieux Carre is as fancy as it sounds. It has Pierre Ferrand cognac, High West Double Rye!, Carpano Antica Formula, Benedictine, and Peychaud Bitters. We have no clue what any of this stuff is, but it does seem like the kind of drink fit for a king, or queen, doesn’t it?

If you’ve never heard of this place, no worries. No one is trying to keep you out of the loop. It’s just that this bar is literally under another. Ever heard of the Row House in Harlem? We’re sure your friends have been gushing about that time they’ve had brunch there for weeks. Well let us tell you–the drinks here? Out of this world! The one in particular that you should try is the Winter Sangria–yes, even in the summer. This drink is Brandy, Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach Malbec, 7-up, cinnamon and star anise. Yum!
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Where there are delicious cognac cocktails, there should be rooftop lounges. But these things aren’t always served together, but when it comes to Cantina, you can count on both. This place is known for their margaritas, but there’s other cocktails on the menu worth trying. One of those is the Aphrodisiac. It’s made up of Hennessey V.S. cognac, pomegranate and citrus. It’s a delicious summer cocktail that’s strong enough to slap your tastebuds.