There’s A Ring On It, So Let’s Party At These Fancy NYC Scenes

January 5, 2016

You clicked this link, so you’ve got to be on a search for the best engagement party locations in NYC.

So you put a ring on it,  you bit the bullet, spent way too much on that rock, and set up the perfect proposal. For whatever reason, this person has agreed to commit to putting up with you forever and that’s something worth celebrating! But before you dive deep into planning the wedding, let’s drink to the fact that you’ve got yet another reason to party and that’s your engagement.

This of course is the party before the real party–sort of like the wedding’s pregame. You don’t have to invite everyone you know, you’ll see them for the nuptials. Instead, get just your core group, pick a spot to make it legendary and pour it up. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invite your judgey extended family members. Who wants to see their judging eyes on you and yours’ big night anyway?

An engagement party is a (hopefully, although, we’re not judging you like your family does) once in a lifetime opportunity to bring your closest friends together and celebrate, so don’t let it pass you by. Check out these hotspots that are worth pre-celebrating your union.

The Chester

It even sounds like an engagement party venue. Your friends will be so impressed with this choice. You’re in the Meatpacking District, so you’re already looking like champ. They have these luxurious tufted banquette couches that are fit for royalty, but who’s going to be seated at your party? No one! Well, maybe everyone, because the menu is worth ordering everything. No, really.

The Wayfarer

If you want to have some sort of fairy tale quality to your party, this is the right choice. No Alice in Wonderland isn’t chasing a bunny who’s late for a tea party through the restaurant, but this gorgeous restaurant is within walking distance to Central Park. And if you’re that close and don’t take your love on a horse-drawn carriage, then you shouldn’t marry them. Ok, just kidding. But seriously, this place is wonderful and they have a private lounge upstairs that begs for you to celebrate in it. Impress your guests with a beautiful setting and elevated American cuisine.


Even though you can’t even pronounce it, you should still book it. This is one of those fancy NYC spots that turns an amazing meal into a night out–even during the day. They have delicious brunch fare, but once the plates are cleared, the music gets louder and the lights get dimmer. Burning off calories after a big meal and drinking at the same time? Yes please!

Gansevoort Park

This swanky rooftop is well worth the visit. 20 floors above Manhattan with nothing but sleek and sexy decor surrounding you? Sounds like you’re trying to set up a special night after the engagement party, if you know what we mean? There’s so much to love here. They have their famous rooftop pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a patio and wrap-around terraces. You’re going to want to move in. Your friends are going to be so jealous! Perfect, right?

Mr. Jones

No, not the Counting Crows song. You know what we’re talking about, right? Ok, nevermind. This Soho spot is so beautiful, so trendy and sooooo ready for you to party here. We’ll be honest, there’s some bad news–it’s in the Trump hotel. We hope that doesn’t deter you. Even though he’s horrible in politics, he does have expensive taste. The whole place feels like you’ve stepped back into the 1960’s with an unlimited supply of money. The drinks are even more appealing than the decor. So tell your friends to bring their fancy palettes and make a themed night of it by having them dress up as if they were a part of “Mad Men.” Fun times!


The seductive and abundant ambiance is enough to make you want to move in here. Pranna boasts multiple floors, the most delectable Southeast Asian cuisine and more than enough backdrops for fabulous pictures that you’re to overshare on social media. Because there’s more than one floor, there’s plenty of chances for you to make your party private. And you should because you don’t want your loved ones to embarrass you, because they will.

Sky Terrace

Doesn’t it sound like a James Bond sequel? So awesome! Imagine your invites–Meet Us At The Sky Terrace! So good. Keep in mind they this rooftop location closes through the winter and opens back up for Spring–just in time for your garden party theme. You know you have that as your theme. 15 floors up, you’ll feel like you’re in the sky, hence the name. The views–like, we can’t even tell you about it. It’s so beautiful–completely stunning. You know that feeling you get when you realize you’re getting married and you have everyone you love surrounding you? Yeah, it’s gonna happen to you and if you book here, you won’t need to step away for fresh air–your whole party is fresh air. What?! Yes!