Killer Lobster Rolls In NYC

June 23, 2016

Nothing says summer like delicious seafood and more specifically, lobster rolls. These buttery, meaty morsels from heaven are like a party, or better yet, soiree for your mouth.
There’s so many promising offerings of lobster rolls in NYC, but there’s only a handful of places that have the best ones. We’re going to give you four of them. Here’s the best lobster rolls in NYC!
There’s New American food on this menu, whatever that means. But we do know they’ve got a killer lobster roll that gives you the flavors straight up. To make the sandwich a bit unique, there’s also celery leaves and lobster aioli. What?!
Having a lobster roll on an NYC rooftop is your dream come true, right? It’s ours. And we’re here to make sure dreams come true. Their menu boasts truffle drizzled fries, tiger shrimp dumplings and bacon-wrapped egg & cheddar muffins (if you’re having brunch), but it’s their lobster roll that’s the star of the show. Fresh Maine lobster dressed with celery and Old Bay seasoning just became your new favorite thing.
Nothing says “lobster roll” like a seafood shack, right? Harlem’s amazing new gem, Lolo’s offers some of the best seafood money could buy (hopefully you have some left after paying rent). Ok, just kidding, there’s no lobster roll on the menu, but don’t be sad! They’ve got plenty other seafood sandwiches you could have: shark & bake, crab cake & bake, avocado & bake or salmon & bake. Who knows, they could totally change your lobster roll lovin’ mind!
This is a seafood spot that rivals all seafood spots. It’s got a New England fish-house vibe and features a raw bar, all the lobster rolls you could ever want (or pay for) and fish plates. And honestly, you shouldn’t stop at the lobster roll, there’s all kinda of lobster goodies on the menu! They’ve got a lobster burger, lobster pot pie, a whole lobster, the list goes on. Get your wallet ready.