Shaken, Not Stirred: 5 Spots For The Best Martini in NYC You’ve Ever Had

June 29, 2016

One of the toughest drinks to make, but also one of the simplest is the martini. Mix gin, vermouth, garnish with an olive or lemon twist and you’ve got yourself a basic martini, but why go basic when you can go big?
Martinis aren’t hard to find in Manhattan, but finding a good one takes a little bit more work. But we’ve taken the footwork out of this mission for you and offer up five bars in NYC with killer martinis that you should try. Here are five spots you should visit for the best martini in NYC.
You’ll love this chic bar. Their specialty cocktails fill up their drink menu, but focus your attention on the martini. It’s called the High Rise and mixes gin, St. Germain, dry vermouth, lemon juice and an absinthe rinse. If that doesn’t sound like sweet intoxication, we don’t what does.
The food here is ridiculous, so come hungry because you’re going to want everything. This place has all kinds of cocktails that should be on your list, but there’s a spin on the classic martini that’s worth sipping. The Eleanor feature gin, rosé, lemon, fresh strawberries and rose water. You won’t miss the vermouth, trust us.

There’s plenty of beer and plenty of oysters, but you’re going to want to get a martini. You might think that a party spot like this with happy hour specials and quirky beer names may not have the best sophisticated martini, but you haven’t had the Geryhound at the Gate yet. It mixes beefeater gin, sweet vermouth, fresh lime and grapefruit juice and bitters. Talk about a twist!
Extravagance never tasted so good. When there’s a mixologist, instead of a bartender, you know you’re in for a treat. And this is the time to try something new and fresh. And where else can you go saunter up to the bar and order a Porn Star Martini #2? It’s expertly made of Absolut Elyx vodka, vanilla syrup, Apriot Eau de Vie passion fruit puree and lemon juice. How seriously tasty does that sound?
 What could be better than a refreshing martini? A refreshing martini on a rooftop, that’s what. Sky Room has a retractable roof with indoor/outdoor fresh air and sprawling city views.