Go Bar Hopping At These Watering Holes To Celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day

January 19, 2016

There’s so many worthy holidays to celebrate, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Yes, you read that right. There’s a holiday in America that celebrates beer cans, because…America.

Instead of making fun of our ridiculous cultures that we’ve created, let’s celebrate them…ridiculously. This holiday is all about beer cans, so let’s appreciate what comes in beer cans. Say it with us. Beer. Beer is diverse, flavorful and intoxicating. So cheers to one drink that never disappoints no matter where you go.

Here’s the best places in NYC to have beer, so that you can celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day!

Artichoke Pizza and Bar

Come for the beer, stay for the pizza. Be warned, you may or may not lose your entire day when you’re here. There’s just so much deliciousness on the menu, it’s going to be tough to resist. With your usual suspects on tap and some unexpected gems like Alphabet City NY Easy Blonde Ale, Captain Lawrence IPA and The Artichoke, which is a beer cocktail that begs to be gulped.

Suite 36

Where else would you go for good beer? A sports bar, duh! Suite 36 is a sports bar, but an elevated one. It’s the kind of sports bar you could catch Kanye West at, if he did sports bars. We’re not so sure he does, but if he did, he’d be here. We say all of that to say that this place is sexy, sleek and manly. All the things that you think of when you think about Kanye. Ok, enough about Kanye. Come here and get you some beer…and feel fancy.

There’s a deal where you can get a burger and beer for $12. Sounds legit to us.

Manhattan Proper

Nothing says, “I”m having a beer in Manhattan” like exposed brick walls, leather couches, stunning art on the walls and the fact that its called a social club. You just have to go based on that alone. Also, isn’t it cute to tell your friends you’re going to Manhattan Proper tonight? The beer is definitely overflowing on tap, but we can’t lie, the cocktails here are a must.

Randolph Beer

Beer is in the name, so of course you have to come here and have some beer. They have seasonal and reserve beer. What does reserve beer mean? That means that it’s super exclusive, limited or uncommon. Yes uncommon beer, YASSS! From one called Nancy, to another called Okie Matilda, there’s no shortage of unique beer to get you intoxicated.

Side Bar

Check your claustrophobia at the door. This cozy spot is such a hotspot, it’s always packed, but totally worth it. When a place is packed, that’s a good thing. This means that there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. The crowd is young, fun and ready to party, so you’ve better be in a party mood, or else they’ll make you want to kill them all with their “wooooos” and high fives.

The Grayson

Want to grab a beer and chill? Yes please! This is the spot for you. This East Village haunt has all the beer on tap you could ask for. Here’s the best part–it’s a bar without being a sports bar. Isn’t that cool? Not every bar needs to be a sports bar. One of the best things about this spot is that there’s always a special (50 wings, ½ off burger, $4 Bloody Marys) for the wallet-clincher in you.

Tonic Times Square

When in the heart of Times Square, what do you do besides get annoying at all the tourists looking up and forgetting how to walk? You find an awesome bar, slip in and stay there as long as you like. Tonic is an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Times Square. So take your parched booty through the busyness of Times Square for a sports bar that has more to offer than a bar and sports. There’s delicious food, a cool crowd and plenty of sights to see!

Happy National Beer Can Appreciation Day!