What’s The Password: Top 8 Speakeasys

July 7, 2016

New York City is a magical place with so many unique experiences, it’s hard to do the same thing twice. One of the coolest things you can do in New York City is party at a speakeasy. These hotspots are usually privileged knowledge. Not everyone knows they exist or that they’ll have the time of their lives there. Speaskeasys are typically tucked away underneath a brownstowne, through the kitchen and down a path of a swanky restaurant or through an unassuming door i the venue.
New York City is teeming with speakeasys, so we’re about to make this very simple for you to feel like you know something other people don’t know. Feels good, don’t it?
Here’s a list of a few speakeasys worth getting a password for. Just kidding, we don’t think you need a password when you’ve got us.
When you arrive, you’ll be a bit confused because the address puts you at a gluten-free pizzeria called Pisa Pizza, but through a door in the back of the restaurant, Visana beckons you to drink the night away, but i a healthy way. Say what? Yes, they offer cocktails with fresh local ingredients, homemade juice concoctions and organic liquors. And if you’re wondering if it could get any better, it could. There’s even a “detox hour” featuring fresh coconuts with straws from 3 to 4 am to get you hydrated.
 This speakeasy is literally under one of Harlem’s hottest spots, Row House. It’s got classic charm but with a modern twist.
Ever herd of PS 450? It’s a New York City hotspot, so of course it gets hotter and that’s with Noble, which is located in the back of it PS 450. You can’t lose with either of these places, but you’re a winner just because you know about it.
Now you have a legit reason to venture into New Jersey. This speakeasy boasts drinks that are too good to be true. They’re carefully crafted cocktails with flavors that will make you forget you’re having liquor, well, until you’re drunk right where you stand. There’s a wall of books at Dullboy that just might make you Instagram famous!
Miss Wong’s
New York City is known for their exclusive clubs that require you to have a certain look to gain entrance. But not in Jersey City as Miss Wong’s. There’s a come as you are vibe here and comfort is key because you will wait a while for a drink. On busy nights, there’s usually two bartenders making swanky drinks that are well worth the wait.


Bathtub Gin

This is the perfect name for a speakeasy. Bathtub Gin is tucked away inside of the unassuming coffee shop, Stone Street Coffee Company. But clearly, there’s more. With a nod to the Prohibition Era, Bathtub Gin has gin cocktails so tasty you’ll wonder why gin was never your drink of choice.


The Back Room
This Lower East Side haunt it tough to find, but you’ve just to pay attention. Once you get in, you go through a gate, and through the alleyway to get to it. That’s true speakeasy style. The journey there is certainly worth you Snapchatting the entire thing. The drinks are served in tea cups and the DJ makes it very easy for you to get lost in the music.
With a name like Nightcap, there’s got to be some good cocktails, right? Right! This speakeasy is located beneath Schapiro’s and serves us pages and pages of delicious cocktails and if you get overwhelmed, don’t worry, the bartender and and will suggest something for you. So now when you suggest going for a night cap to your friends, it takes on a whole new meaning.