Top Posh Sports Bars In New York City

November 17, 2015

Celebrating your birthday doesn’t have to take fanfare, confetti and that special outfit. You could easily have the greatest night of your life at a sports bar! Don’t believe us, just watch. Well, read. We wanted to be funny with that Bruno Mars song. Don’t judge us.

Not all sports bars are created equal. When you’re in New York City, sports bars require you to leave the sweat pants at home, but keep the sweat pant mentality–the one that allows you to enjoy countless beers while you scream a the screen.

Now we realize we’re asking you to have your birthday celebration at a sports bar, but we wouldn’t just suggest that and leave you hanging. We’ve found the best sports bars in New York City for you to have a birthday celebration your friends will be talking about all year–thus putting pressure on you to step your game up for the following year. Sorry, not sorry.

Just check out these sports bars that we’ve selected just for you to have the birthday celebration you deserve:

Suite 36

Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, Suite 36 is named for the private suites that line the upper mezzanine of the space–you know the suites. And it’s here where you can have the suite life for your birthday celebration.So if you want some sort of privacy as you celebrate around a bar filled with strangers, you’ve got it.

Suite 36 calls its atmosphere relaxed refinement, which is aptly put: its a beautiful, open space that feels comfortable yet posh, without taking itself too seriously.

This is the perfect sports bar to celebrate yourself. And if you’ve got an appetite, they’ve got your back. There’s chicken tenders crusted in soft pretzel, there’s waygu beef sliders and there’s even mahi tacos. There’s no shortage of things to love about this bar.

The Royal

With more than enough TV’s to go around, we can only assume that the name comes from how a man would watch his favorite sports if he was indeed royalty–and that’s with over 40 televisions.

It’s the perfect location for the birthday boy or girl who just wants to kick back, watch the game and eat bar food that won’t send them to the toilet five minutes after swallowing it done. The Royal is a classy joint that gives you the perfected mix of sophisticated chill.

Van Diemen’s

This spot gives an authentic New York City experience as it boasts a loft above the bar, where you and yours can get your private chill on, all while looking down at the bar, judging everyone.

They have a menu that deserves special attention–from the drinks to the food, you literally cannot go wrong. They have a Van Gogh Blue Martini (Van Gogh Blue Premium Triple Wheat Vodka, served with three blue cheese-stuffed olives), a chicken brie melt (complete with prosciutto) and there’s even quail eggs. This isn’t your typical bar.

Refined doesn’t have to mean stuffy–the crowd is only there for fun, the prices won’t break you and the entire atmosphere begs for you to stay a while.

FC Gotham

Ever heard of a luxury sports bar? Well today’s your lucky day because FC Gotham is just that. Not only can you watch the game of your choice, but you can play your own…game of pool, that is.

You and your debonair friends will feel right at home alongside people who love sports, but don’t feel the need to dress like it. You know, jerseys, face paint and such. Perched in the Meatpacking District, expect to pay a pretty penny for your fun night, but expect to have the night of your life.

Manhattan Proper

If GQ created a sports bar, it would be Manhattan Proper. It’s the perfect mix of chill and ornate. This spot is more of a bar than anything else, a fancy bar, but still…just a bar. The exposed brick wall, wide flat screens and black leather couches give it a man cave feel. Jay Z would likely come here for a drink. He probably hasn’t been here though, so don’t got looking for him.

It’s your birthday, so focus on you. Well, you and the truffle burger. Yes. Truffle. Burger. How amazing does that sound? Amazing enough to book it? This is also a sports bar with specialty cocktails with names like Patron Spiked Sangria and Hawaiian Water—those sound like birthday cocktails to us. Enjoy your drinks, enjoy your friends, enjoy the beautifully drunken photos you’re sure to snap here!