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Engagement Party

Ideas For Your Engagement Party

So You Put a Ring On It: The Engagement Party

You bit the bullet, spent way too much on that rock, and set up the perfect proposal. For whatever reason, this person has agreed to commit to putting up with you forever, and that’s something to celebrate.

Before you dive deep into planning the wedding, drink to the fact that you’ve got a wedding to plan in the first place: it’s engagement party time.

So don’t just let 40 come and go as another day like any other. Mark 4 decades with a 40th birthday party worthy of many meaningful years. And have a glass or three too many of your favorite vintage–life’s too short to be overly concerned with appearances.

Engagement Party Venues

This is the party before the party, sort of like the wedding’s pregame. You don’t have to invite everyone you know, you’ll see them for the nuptials. Instead, get just your core group, pick a spot to make it legendary, and pour it up–judging looks from extended family members won’t be found tonight.

An engagement party is a (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity to bring your closest friends together and celebrate, so don’t let it pass you by.