Help/FAQ's - Birthday Party Booker


1. What Is Birthday Party Booker?

We’re a brand new and completely free service that provides a destination for anybody looking to plan their birthday party in New York City.

2. Why Should We Book Our Birthday With You?

Besides the free liquor, all of the bars and lounges that we work with are hand selected because of their ability to guarantee ZERO issues. Your party will not wait in line and your party will never pay a cover.

3. How Much Does It Cost Me?

This service absolutely free. We charge you nothing for planning your birthday. The only thing that you have to pay is a 20% gratuity for the complimentary/free bottle of liquor, this usually equates to around $40.00. Yes we know, we’re unbelievable.

4. How Many Bars and Lounges Do You Work With?

On any given day, that number may change. Click here to see our list.

5. What If My Friends Are Having a Tough Time Getting In?

Our birthday specialist will provide you with an emergency number to call or text if there is any issues, which we doubt you’ll need. Just don’t call us if your camp friend Suzy, that you haven’t seen in 9 years decides to make a blacked out drunk cameo at 2AM and can’t get in.

6. Will My Friend Get In If They Aren’t 21 Years Old?

Absolutely not. The legal drinking age in New York is 21 years old (what you do in your parents basement is your own problem). Every single person must be at least 21 years old to gain entry.

7. Is There a Minimum of People Needed to Book With BPB?

While we don’t strictly enforce a specific amount, we aim for at least 10 people because that’s what some venues request on our end. Either way, please fill out a form and hopefully we can help you out!

8. How Do I add My Venue to Your Website?

Simple, fill out the form here. If we feel that your bar or lounge could be a good fit for us, we’ll give you a shot.

9. Can I throw a Birthday Party on a Weeknight?

That’s sort of like unchartered territory for us. For the most part, we only book birthdays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Fill out the form and we’ll try to make it work.

10. My Friend’s Birthday is Tomorrow Night. Is Short Notice an Issue?

We make no promises when it’s short notice. We’ll do our absolute best to help you out but we always ask that you pick a venue up to one week in advance.