5 Of The Hottest Broadway Shows You’ve Got To See!

January 12, 2016

We’re so excited that we’ve added Broadway to our offerings. It makes us feel cultured. Having a great time on your birthday isn’t always about tons of alcohol. Ok, we’re lying. It is. That’s probably why they serve alcohol during Broadway shows. It costs just as much as your rent, but they still serve it, so obviously celebrating and alcohol go together. However, drinking while watching a Broadway show just makes you more cultured. That’s how that works.

And because we have Broadway deals, we figured we’d suggest a few of the hottest Broadway shows that you should consider seeing. Oh and we picked all musicals because, well, it’s your birthday and no one wants to sit through a straight play when they’re celebrating.

The Color Purple

Jennifer Hudson as Shug Avery, Danielle Brooks as Sofia and Cynthia Erivo as Celie, it’s hard to ignore the sheer talent on that stage at one time. This brilliantly written story by Alice Walker started as a novel, then it was a movie and now, it’s a musical that will knock your socks off. That’s such a weird thing to say–knock your socks off. Either way, it’s ridiculously good.

The story is triumphant, but not without first making you cringe at the whip Celie’s husband, Mister literally cracked at her. The voices in this show are clearly other worldly. Don’t wear makeup if you’re coming to see this one, you;ll cry it all off.

Fuerza Bruta

This is the perfect show to come to for a birthday. It’s 100% interactive. In fact, you’re never sitting. You walk into the room and stand where you’re told. You’re allowed to participate as the show goes on all around you, but especially above you. It’s the most beautiful part of the show! Spoiler alert: there’s a chance for you to get completely wet in this show, so pay attention for your chance to escape before the rain ruins your birthday suit–not that naked one, but the one you’re wearing to go out later than night.

The Lion King

Come on, this classic has to be seen by you and your grown ass friends. Remember when we were kids and watching Mufasa die was the saddest moments of our lives? You should relive that now that you’re a well-adjusted adult who’s getting older. Perfect birthday gift.

Something Rotten

There’s no denying that absolutely every show on Broadway is entertaining, but there’s just something about Something Rotten that takes it to the next level. This musical makes Shakespeare a rock star and there’s a rival writer who wants to create the next big thing, so he finds a sneaky way to know what Shakespeare’s biggest play is, but things go terribly wrong, in the best way possible.

The result is a show that is hilarious throughout and there’s so many surprises–like cameos from a ton of other musicals. Sounds strange? We were just trying to find a cool way to say that this musical pokes fun at other musicals and there’s several moments where they sing songs from other musicals. It could be seen as shade, but it still feels like a joke. There’s nothing rotten about this show. See what we did there? Maybe we shouldn’t have.

Kinky Boots

No, we didn’t put this one on the list just because of the name of it, although you’ve got to admit the name is bad ass. This is the show that birthdays are made of. There’s drag queens, amazing boots and music that will make you want to dance, this is the show.

Here’s the thing about Broadway–it ain’t cheap. So you’re going to need more than drag queens to convince your friends to spend the money. Tell them Cyndi Lauper’s the composer. If that doesn’t get them, re-evaluate that friendship.

Once you leave, the story will make you feel like you can find your passion and overcome anything, especially stereotypes.