LoLo’s Seafood Shack Brings Seafood Boils With A Delicious Caribbean Twist To Harlem & Your Mouth Needs This

May 3, 2016

LoLo’s Seafood Shack in Harlem is about to be your new favorite place in the world, for real.

Their tag line is, “Where Caribbean meets Cap Cod” and that’s exactly what LoLo’s tastes like. We’re just going to go ahead and tell you: we’re about to gush about the food here because it’s that damn good, but we guarantee you, no matter how beautifully we string these words together, they don’t do LoLo’s any justice because this seafood shack is a party for your mouth. Somebody’s momma needs to be slapped.

LoLo’s Caribbean street eats like conch fritters, grilled corn with cojita cheese, jerk ribs and Johnny cakes with honey butter are all things you cannot leave without tasting. The grilled corn is literally served fresh off the grill (and so is the cauliflower side), so the flavor screams summer. We’ve never had conch fritters so yummy (and we heard that right from a Caribbean person’s mouth). They also have seafood shack classics like shrimp and snow crab steampots, crawfish and crab boils, complete with some of the best sauces you’ve ever gotten a chance to dip into. We all know the sauce you receive with your seafood boil is what makes it, and LoLo’s takes it to the next level with garlic butter & Old Bay, ginger butter & scallion, and coco curry and if you can’t commit to just one of those mouth-watering flavors, you can try LoLo’s signature sauce, which is a perfect mix of all three. Trust us, you’ve never had a seafood boil this flavorful. Every bite punches you in the taste buds.

And for some reason, you come here and you don’t want a seafood boil (not judging you, to your face anyway), they have sandwiches. From bake & shark to soft shell crab to brisket to cauliflower and sweet potato, there’s a bite for every picky palette. OMG, and honestly…the Pom Pom Shrimp will change your life. You’re going to want to go into the kitchen and personally chat with the chef. They are fried to perfection and served with fries, which are also ridiculously delicious. Usually, fries are an afterthought, often served up as ‘meh,’ but you can tell that the chefs at LoLo’s put equal care in every dish. Everything is flavorful, everything. And therefor you must go enough times where you try everything they have to offer. You’ll want to after your first taste, trust.

Speaking of the chefs, the Executive Chef Raymond Mohan is a genius. He has an extensive resume and culinary pedigree and even though LoLo’s is a shack, he cooks like he’s serving royalty all day and night. Mohan opened LoLo’s with his better half, restaurateur, Leticia Young (Skai).

Now, image all these unbelievable flavors in a spot that transports you instantly to a beachfront seafood shack in the middle of the Caribbean. That’s exactly what you get at LoLo’s–a tropical escape from the concrete jungle that is New York City. This place puts a whole new spin on ‘staycation.’

The ‘shack’ in LoLo’s name is accurate because this place is probably smaller than your apartment, but there is the option to eat in or on the patio (hey summer!) or if you’re local to Harlem (lucky you), you can take it home. But this is the type of food you’d want to sit down and eat right away, which would be the best decision. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait for a seat, but you won’t mind it because there’s going to be plenty of delectable smells and free samples of the sweet plantains with honey and cojita cheese for you to try.

Your summer is about to be LIT, right where you are, because Harlem’s newest seafood gem, LoLo’s not only has amazing food that transports you to the Caribbean, but they also have a backyard patio and we all know that’s like spotting a pot of gold, especially in New York City. To say LoLo’s has completely changed the seafood game is an understatement. They’ve created a whole new game and you’d be a fool not to play.

Special thank you to Skai, Raymond, the awesome manager, Jose and our killer waiter (who genuinely loves and cares about the food), Keith. Birthday Party Booker had a phenomenal time sampling nearly everything on your menu. We’ll be back very soon!