Best Lounges In NYC For Birthdays

March 9, 2016

We know what you’re looking for because you Googled it. And if you Google it, we shall deliver. You’re looking for lounges in NYC for birthdays. There’s so many lounges in New York City and many of them aren’t worth the hassle of trying to get in. But that’s why we’re here–to sift through the endless list of NYC hot spots to find the one, or six that best fit your Google-happy needs.

Here’s the best lounges in NYC where you should spend your next birthday.


Gilded Lily

It’s posh. It’s literally golden and it’s in the Meatpacking District. Nothing else matters for your birthday celebration. Make sure no one in your party is wearing flats–well, your guy friends can, we’re sure. Tell the women in your group to get those heels ready. We’re going to be honest, Meatpacking District clubs are notoriously known for tough door men who often use their position to deny entry. But not you–you have to get in because…look at you.



If you’re looking for a scene, this is the place for you. It’s a two-level lounge that’s between two of Manhattan’s swankiest (read: overly priced) neighborhoods–The Meatpacking District and Chelsea. To see celebrities like pre-mom Kim Kardashian (just kidding, she still goes out and poses naked…just saying), Derek Jeter (we know, totally random) and more, isn’t out of the ordinary. With a scene like this comes extreme exclusivity, so you might have to actually bring Kim Kardashian to gain entry because the doormen have something to prove and that’s likely that only the hottest are allowed entry. And who doesn’t want to spend their birthday with the most attractive crowd Kim Kardahian could buy?




Gold Bar

This is another solid gold bar that’s perfect for a private birthday party! If you book your party here, there’s no doubt that your friends will be impressed. The outside is totally unassuming and once you walk in, you’re greeted with a place that’s clearly modeled after Beyonce’s closet. Her closet has to be all gold (complete with golden skulls) and looks like a party scene, it just has to. It’s not the biggest space, so be prepared to bring 100 of your closest and farthest friends so you can have the space to yourself for the entire night. We’re pretty sure that’s not how any of this works. You’ll have to call ahead and book the venue if you’re going to take it over. But it’ll be worth it!



Impress your friends by having a birthday party with some cultural appeal. This Moroccan themed club boasts two floors and both of them are worth spending time on. They have the most reasonable bottle service prices, because we all know that some NYC clubs’ bottle service is a rent payment. Not here! Your friends can chip in for your bottle and still afford to take you to a food truck in the wee hours of the morning after! And the DJ is the stuff Yelp! reviews are made of–everyone praises DJ and loves that they play everything from 90’s to trap.



Is it a restaurant? Is it a club? Is it a lounge? It’s all three in one beautiful building with three floors. Their food blends Southeast Asia with India for a bold, exotic and tantalizing party in your mouth. Does that sound gross? We’re sorry, but it’s true. And we want you to know that the reason you’d come here is for the food, but Pranna knows how to throw a good party too.

So back to the space–there’s so much of it! All three levels can be divided into smaller spaces so that your party doesn’t bleed into someone else’s, which is perfect because it’s your day. It’s not about that girl who keeps scooching her way into your section. Hater.

Pranna works closely with you to select the menu best suited to your group’s taste (no matter how picky your best friend is) and budget (no matter how broke you are). And if you’re wondering, what makes this place a better choice than any other fusion restaurant out there? They offer special options such as cocktail tasting tutorials, wine pairing dinners, and satay parties. Now if that’s not a unique and delicious way to celebrate your birthday, we don’t know what is.




Your friends are going to think you’re sooooo cool. This lounge is hidden inside of a pizzeria. What?! Yes. It’s a speakeasy! There’s nothing better than spending your special day tucked away in complete privacy with your friends. NYC can hustle and it can bustle, so it’s awesome when you can take a slice of the city (see what we did there?) and make it all yours. With a true mixologist in tow, banquette seats and a DJ, you’re all set to have the night of your life. And when you walk out the front door, you walk into a pizzeria. Is that a dream night or what?


Happy birthday to you!