5 Places To Celebrate Your Taxes Being Done

May 1, 2016

If you are a responsible adult, it’s time to party! Your taxes are done! If you still haven’t done them, shame on you. No celebration for you. You stop reading now.

Now that we’ve got those irresponsible people out of the room and it’s you just and…us, let’s talk about celebrating you! You’re done it–your taxes are done, you don’t owe the government anything (hopefully) and you’re even getting a little something something back. Look at you! You’ve got a little money to burn, so let’s go somewhere awesome and celebrate your taxes being done.

Here’s 5 of the most fun places to celebrate in NYC!


Frying Pan

The coolest thing in the world is that this place used to be a lightship. Now it’s a shore-bound bar that you can drink to your heart’s content with a waterfront view that won’t quit. It’s open from May-October and usually has long lines, but anywhere with a line is a good place to be and well worth the wait. Also, they serve fries seasoned with Old Bay, which is pretty much the most amazing thing you can do with fries. And the sunset? It’s stunning and hopefully you’ll be drunk and since everything is better looking when drunk, you may not be able to contain yourself. But it’s a celebration bitches! (in our Kanye voice)



Money makes everyone feel like dancing the night awa–it can’t be just us. This Lower East Side gem has some of the strongest margaritas around and with DJs spinning everything you want to hear, you won’t be able to stop your hips from swaying. This is where the young crowd goes to turn up and a night of reckless abandon is what you deserve after getting your taxes done on time.


Le Bain at The Standard Hotel

You deserve to be on top of the world when you’ve proven that you’re good at adulting. The views are some of the best in the city. and the drinks have the price tag to match. But you’ve paid your taxes, so you’re good. If a vibe can be grown and sexy, Le Bain takes that cake. It’s the perfect scene spot with so much turn up. you’ll swear Diddy planned a party specifically to celebrate you and your tax preparedness.


Whiskey Tavern

Not every celebration needs to be expensive and fancy. Sometimes, it’ best to celebrate in a place that’s as laid back as you should feel because your taxes aren’t looming over you anymore. And if for nothing else, this is a saloon in the middle of Chinatown. And if that’s not enough awesome mystery for you, then you should know that they have tater tots on the menu and you can top them with all kinds of cheese and bacon–don’t worry about the up charge, you’re a responsible adult with a little extra spending money in your pocket. Tater tots for everyone!



Brooklyn is the borough with the most personality, so Bembe fits right into its schizophrenia. It’s located at an unmarked door under the Williamsburg Bridge. Latin beats swell in the air and bodies groove to it, allowing the music to take them away. The music needs to transport you because it’s a tiny little place that quickly turns into a sweat box, but it’s worth it. You deserve a good and sweaty dance!