For The Best Damn Bloody Mary You’ve Ever Had, Try These NYC Bars!

December 31, 2015

January 1st is a day of celebration. Not only is it the first day of a new year, (We all know everyone and their mommas are all feeling brand new!) but did you know that January 1st is also National Bloody Mary Day? Well, it is. What a delicious day!

Sounds perfect to us–using a day of celebration as a day to celebrate the Bloody Mary, one of the tastiest cocktails to ever meet the combination of breakfast and lunch: brunch.

There’s just something special about the spicy cocktail that takes a meal from 1-100 real quick. However, not every Bloody Mary is created equal. There’s plenty of bars around New York City that know this to be true. And you should be grateful because they’re celebrating the only way you should–by providing unique versions of these savory drinks.

Check out these New York City bars offering up the best in Bloody Marys.

PS. 450

This is one of the premiere locations in NYC to get an amazing boozy brunch, so it’s only right that they are also offering UNLIMITED BLOODY MARYS to celebrate this incredible holiday! We don’t really think you need more reasons to check out PS. 450, but they also have deviled eggs with bacon, fried greed tomato sliders and even s’mores French toast. We don’t know about you, but our drool is working overtime.

Tonic Times Square

Where there is a Times Square sports bar, there’s a Bloody Mary. Not only do they have this savory cocktail on their menu regularly, but they’ll be serving it with strips of bacon and/or blue cheese olives. That sounds like a decent meal and drink all in one! Just kidding–go ahead and order the stuffed lobster tail. We hear they’re pretty damn good!

The Wayfarer

Even though this restaurant serves up some of the best food you could ever ask for on your plate, they also don’t skimp on experiences. They’re celebrating this much-needed holiday by offering up an overwhelming 1,400 variations of the classic Bloody Mary. How?! They have a Bloody Mary bar. Go ahead and let your friends know where you’ll be all day.

The Grayson

Ok, so we all know that the Bloody Mary is one of the most savory cocktails that exists, but did you know that you could serve it with delicious bites? The Grayson does and they’re planning on serving their spicy cocktails fully loaded with bacon, olives and meatballs. Seriously, just when you thought the Bloody Mary couldn’t get any tastier!

Randolph Beer

When The Randolph does drink specials, it does them right! On the special day that is National Bloody Mary Day, their Brooklyn location and Randolph Beer will be giving their lucky patrons a New Years Day brunch that will include bottomless cocktails, which includes pitchers of their housemade Bloody Mary. Pitchers!? First, a pitcher, then more than one of them!? Sign us up! We’ll meet you there.

Monarch Rooftop

Enjoying Bloody Mary’s on a rooftop? Yes please! What about a Bloody Mary that pays attention to detail and is served at a discounted price? You’re likely to be at the Monarch Rooftop all day long with their $6 Tomato-Basil Bloody Mary. Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on them!