It’s National Chocolate Lovers Month, Here’s 5 Bars That Will Get You Chocolate Wasted

February 2, 2016

February is a lot of things, but did you know that it was also National Chocolate Lovers Month? It is. And to celebrate, we’re sending you on a drinking spree. Yes, we know, we’re wonderful.

There’s several bars in New York City that serve delicious cocktails with chocolate as well as sinfully delicious desserts that you deserve. Basically, we’re trying to guarantee that you celebrate this holiday right and go out in New York City and get chocolate wasted. And who doesn’t want to combine two of the best things on earth: chocolate and alcohol?

Just to be clear, not every bar has chocolately cocktails. Some of these locations have delicious desserts that you should save room and calories for. Either way, enjoy because…chocolate. It’s not just a craving, it’s actually a healthy way of life!

It’s scientifically proven that eating chocolate regularly welcomes a host of benefits, including lower blood pressure, lower “bad” cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease. So, to be honest, we’re just here to save your heart.




Ok, let’s start with the chocolate amazingness that’s on the menu and we’ll go from there. Cool? Cool. So, Avenue has chocolate covered strawberries. That is one of those treats everyone loves, but not everyone is willing or has the skills to make this at home. We wouldn’t recommend it, so why not come to Avenue and get you a piece of this sexy treat?

And while you’re here, you may as well get yourself a unique cocktail or meal that can be catered to whatever your taste buds desire.




Gansevoort Park

Nothing says chocolate in the city like Gansevoort Park. There’s an air to this place that says sophistication. Leather, tufted couches, views of Park Avenue and beyond and a menu that just won’t quit should be enough to get you there. But here’s the kicker: Chocolate Crunch Almond, Caramel Sauce Ice Cream Sandwich. This thing is on the menu, waiting for you to order it. Those views, that dessert–totally worth braving the see and be seen scene.



Gilded Lily

There may or may not be chocolate here, but who cares? You’re just here for the drinks and awesome gold-dipped decor. Get the bartender to make you a bespoke cocktail and just say you want it to taste like chocolate. The bartender will not judge you and if they do…who cares. He’s working tonight and you’re not.

Luxury Beauty


VIP Room

It’s obviously a special situation when you’re going to a place named after a section that only the best of the best can gain access to. But where is VIP, there is model skinny and portion control. You know what that means? There’s likely no food here, but they do have drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. Ask the bartender to surprise you with a sweet treat and be prepared for whatever concoction you get because…when they say, “Party over here!,” they mean VIP Room.


Up and Down

While this name is wildly suggestive, we’re hoping you can get past that, because you’re not 12. Are you? If you are, you can’t even go, so there. Ok, so here’s the thing about Up and Down, it’s less of a place to enjoy a nice cocktail or chocolatey dessert and more of a hotspot where the live performances and dancing with your tongue out reign supreme. Miguel, the Kardashians or Minnie Mouse may show up. This teaches you that sometimes you have to sacrifice chocolate for an epic night out.

Let’s get chocolate wasted!