5 Places To Get The Margarita Of Your Dreams

February 23, 2016

Even though yesterday was National Margarita Day, and many might be calling out of work because nothing says turn up like a margarita. Maybe it’s the tequila, maybe it’s the fancy glass–but there’s no way you can order one without committing to a night of complete debauchery. It’s like those chips–you can’t have just one.

National Margarita Day should be celebrated EVERYDAY of the year and we have the best places in New York City to do just that. We’ve searched and searched for the best in fruity, icy, tangy, salty-rimmed deliciousness. And you know we found it. Here’s a list of our personal favorite spots in New York City that have the margaritas of your dreams. Year-round!

This is a NYC staple. When you order your margarita bulldog style, you’ll see why. There’s literally a beer turned upside-down inside your drink. If that’s not a match-made in imbibing heaven, we don’t know what is.

Not only does this place carry some of the best drinks in the history of drinks, but they have food that is perfectly cheap. We all know drinking is best when there’s food in your stomach. So stay here all night, pay less than $8 per drink and you likely won’t remember your name by the end of the night, but you’ll be plenty full. There’s also free chips and salsa, so there.
The Taco Shop

Bring $20 and you can get three tacos and a margarita and still have enough to tip the waitress like you’re balling. We know you’re not, but we can pretend. You can add all kinds of amazing flavors to your margarita, but just know, you’re taking that money out of your waitresses’ tight pockets.

But where else in Manhattan can you find a deal like that? Also, it’s happy hour here every Tuesday. So in case you don’t make it on National Margarita Day, you can go on any Tuesday and pretend.

Empellón Cocina

The name should give you enough hints that the drinks here are serious. There’s so many margaritas to choose from. There’s one with cucumbers and jalepeños, there’s one with grapefruit and there’s another with pineapple and cilantro! What?! Yes please to all of them. At $14 a pop, you’ll check yourself before you wreck your bank account, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There’s food here worth eating too. They even have Brussels sprout tacos–who has that?! And in case you’re not on the Gwenyth Paltrow diet, there’s also short rib pastrami tacos. Ok, so we’re totally on our way. Meet us there?


This place has the margarita that will have you buzzed after one. Isn’t that ideal? Rent is high enough in NYC, right? And for $4–it’s like someone is trying to set you up! Not us! We’re trying to get your holiday right. Their happy hour lasts until 8pm and every single day, their margaritas are a mere $4.  And somehow, if margaritas aren’t your thing (why are you here), they have a frozen dark & stormy that will make you want to slap somebody else’s momma, because you are smart enough not to slap your own.

The Wayland

It’s rare to equate health with drinking (unless you’re talking to the people who swear by a glass of red wine a day, you know, for heart reasons). But there’s a drink here called the Garden Variety that has kale juice in it. Now, before you roll your eyes, know that it also has plenty of tequila, sea salt, agave and ginger. Now doesn’t sound like the best way to get drunk without worrying over loosening your pants!?

Sure, it’s fancy, so the prices are going to reflect that, but if you can make their happy hour, the margarita is only $7! That leaves you plenty of dough to keep buying more drinks! There’s also $1 oysters and we all know what oysters do to us! *wiggles eyebrows*

So go forth and praise the tequila gods for giving you a holiday worth drinking your way through.