National Snack Food Month: 5 Places With The Best Eats In NYC

February 16, 2016

Food has a special place in your heart. Admit it. Half of the reason you frequent the bar is for the food. You’re not alone. It’s fine. We all love food. Think about it. Everything we celebrate, what do we do it with? Food! Birthday? Cake. Christmas? Cake, pies, ham, turkey, macaroni & cheese, greens and the list goes on. Easter? Eggs, candy and more candy. Dates? Dinner.

It’s obvious, food runs the world. And because this month is National Snack Month, we figured we’d help you celebrate food even more. But this is not just your average overeating holiday. This is a celebration that is actually about food, not just another excuse to eat. And snacks are the most amazing version of food you could have. Mini moments between eating, meant for…eating? Yes please!

New York City is known for many things, including food. So why not celebrate this amazing holiday, eating at places who are known to have some of the most delectable snacks you’ve ever had? You’ve got no reason. Enjoy!


Cow and Clover

Venture outside of Manhattan proper and try Brooklyn on for size. There’s just something about this borough that screams, “Explore me.” And if you don’t listen, just know, you don’t care about anything that Beyonce loves. There, we said it.

Their menu is farm fresh and seasonal, so this means that the snacks will always change aka never bore you. From spicy duck fat toasted nuts to broccoli and cheddar hushpuppies to the short rib burger, the choices are ridiculous and anger-inducing because you’re going to want these menu items to stick around for a while.

Their power is in their wood fire ovens, which they use like a champ for searing in juices and keeping a roast, steak, short rib burger, even the breast of their Piri Piri Chicken succulent, tender and flavorful, while also cooking the perfect artichoke, baking flat breads or seared jalepenos for their house infused jalepeno Vodka. Yum.

Randolph Brooklyn

This place is easily one of our favorites and another good reason to leave Manhattan. Come for the snacks, stay for the stellar drinks. They’ve got cheddar grits and you can even opt to get them deep fried, because everything makes sense when it’s deep fried. And if you want to get there on the early side so you can plan a full day of snacking, they’ve got breakfast nachos. Yes. Your dreams can actually come true.

Speaking of dreams coming true–there’s also a Nutella grilled cheese. That’s nothing but the wonderful works of the snack gods who obviously care greatly about your appetite.

Ainsworth Hoboken

Ok, I know we’ve been convincing you to travel to Manhattan for National Snack Food Month, only to tell you to try places outside of Manhattan, but know this place is worth the trip. It’s in New Jersey, but like that really awesome part of New Jersey that looks directly at NYC without those pesky high prices.

It’s a sports bar, which means, they’ve got all the snacks–including something glorious called a mac & cheese burger. It’s like someone is out there personally answering your prayers, How thoughtful. It’s also right on the water, so the views are well worth the hop, skip and jump.

Whitman and Bloom

It’s rustic, there’s a piano and a seasonal menu that can easily change your life or at least your taste buds. You’re going to want to move in here. Everything is perfect. Even the cocktails are seasonal–so there’s some tasty treats that are sure to warm you up in the winter and give you the buzz you’re looking for.

It feels like you’re in the middle of James Joyce’s life, but Julia Child is catering it. The dishes are all unique and big enough to inspire you to share. Although the flavor may inspire you to be selfish. It’s that good. You’re not going to want to share, no matter how many family sized portions there are.

Artichoke Pizza

New York City is known for pizza, but not those dollar slices that you can find on every corner. There’s some very special pizza on this island and Artichoke Pizza is one of those places with special pies. It’s creamy, cheesey and amazingness battling for space on your tongue.

And you can’t talk about snacking without including pizza–everyone in the world’s favorite snack. And this pizza takes things to the next level. You’re going to want to have this every time you come to NYC. Promise.


Happy Snackin’!