The Best Bars With Oyster Happy Hour Deals

March 22, 2016

Who doesn’t love oysters? People without class and sophistication in their palette, that’s who. But you, you love oysters because you’re reading this. And you’re definitely looking for somewhere to get oysters in New York City that won’t cost you the price of rent plus utilities.

We’ve got your back. We’ve scoured NYC for the best deals and the best places to get those deals. So all lemon-squeezed delicious oysters will be yours to slurp and you’ll still have enough money to take a cab home. Maybe, because you’ve got to drink too! What’s oysters without a beer or cocktail? Just a slimy snack, that’s what.

Here’s 5 places in NYC with the best oyster happy hour deals! You’re welcome.


The Ten Bells

Ok, this is honestly on the list because of the name. We thought it was The Ten Balls and then we realized it was bells. The disappointment didn’t strike it from the list because the deal is awesome. Everyday, The Ten Bells offers $1 oysters until 7pm. Did we mention this was everyday? So if you get off work at 6, you still have time to make it to the bar for happy hour. And then on weekends, you could pretty much spend your day there. On top of that, there’s $15 carafes of wine, and no one will judge you if you get one for yourself and stick a straw in it. Well, they will, just silently.

clams and oysters

Little Town 

What’s better than $1 oysters? .99 oysters! Little Town boasts these cheaper oysters everyday. They also offer .99 clams as well. And then there’s $5 drafts. These deals are good Monday-Friday, but on Thursday, you can enjoy these deals all day. Oysters and clams all day? Yes please! They’ve got more deals–every weeknight, Monday through Friday, you can get your late night deal on with 2 for 1 specialty cocktails and $1 beer tastes. Sounds like someone wants to get you drunk!


Brooklyn Crab

Leave Manhattan proper and head on out to Brooklyn for this dope deal. Get your own little taste of the beach with this special place. It looks like a crab shack you’d see perched on the beach and there’s even mini golf! This Red Hook haunt has $1 oysters and $3 Narragansetts Monday and Tuesday, all day. You’re going to have a hard time focusing on the oysters because the full menu is all seafood everything and you’re going to want it all. Ok, so we’re speaking for ourselves. So what?

The Wayfarer

This spot is just steps away from Central Park and it shows. It’s fancy and the type of place you’d take your mom to let her know you care, but when it comes to happy hour, momma has to stay home. They have $1 oysters, but there’s also a seafood platter on the menu that has oysters, clams, lobster, shrimp and tuna and avocado tartare. And in case you don’t like raw oysters, there’s a hot oysters dish with hot salami, fennel, creamed kale, and pickled jalapeño. You’re totally making a reservation, aren’t you?


Alice’s Arbor

Another Brooklyn spot makes the list. This tasty restaurant focuses on farm-to-table, so you know their oysters are top notch. Everyda, after 11pm, they have $1 oysters, $5 draft beers, $7 sangria, and $1 off house cocktails. The rustic decor is enough to make you want to set up shop and slurp oysters all night long and you can! Their happy hour starts for happy people at 11. What?!

Now, who’s ready to shuck?!