Party Places For Your 40th Birthday Celebration In NYC

May 17, 2016

No birthday has mattered to you for the last 10 years. Think about it, since you turned 30, have you celebrated any other birthday with pomp and circumstance? No, you haven’t. You want to know what? That’s because there’s no other milestone between 30 and 40. Your 30s were amazing because you finally reached a time period when you could afford things and you’ve settled into a good groove of your life and made it through that pesky quarter-life crisis.

Now, before you make it to that mid-life crisis, you’ve got to celebrate and do it big in NYC! We are completely understanding of the fact that you want to do it up, but you don’t have to completely “turn up,” as the kids say. Have we made you feel old? Because that’s not the intention. In fact, when we turn 40, we hope we’re half as young-looking and fit as you. Because we know you are. Look at you!

Want to know how we know? You’re on the internet searching for “party places for your 40th birthday celebration in NYC” rather than “is there anything good about turning 40?” Good for you! And we’re ready to give you your gift, party places for your 40th birthday celebration in NYC.1dcfb323b4e144a0b8beb7a4e6887ac7_full_size


The Chester

This is a VIP experience all the way! If you’re celebrating your big day, The Chester offers one of the sexiest venues you could ever want. And we all know that grown =sexy. The decor looks as if it was curated by a museum owner that Prince would hire. And it’s at the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District, so you’re already setting your friends up to know that this birthday celebration is nothing less than posh. They offer a buy one get one bottle deal, VIP table and guest list as well as reservation specialist, so yeah, you’ll feel special.


Gansevoort Park

This is literally where all the cool kids go, so honey, it’s a scene. And you’ve got to be in the mood to make one (a scene that is) if you’re planning on celebrating your precious 40 years here. On top of being in a place where everyone knows you’re important because you’re here, you’re also given a two for one bottle deal, VIP table and guest list, which will come in handy because this is the type of place you here about in New York City–hard to get into. But not you, it’s your birthday and you planned ahead because you’re old enough to be responsible, right?


Monarch Rooftop

You’ll feel like you’re on set for a Drake video. You know who Drake is, right? The Monarch Rooftop is penthouse living at its finest. There’s indoor/outdoor space here, so your uptight friends won’t be easily bored. Also, two venues for the price of one! There’s beautiful Scandinavian decor, sexy floor-to-ceiling silk curtains, luxurious sofas (because let’s be real, sometimes the turn up is to turn don and relax) and the most amazing views of the Empire State Building. Honestly, this place is perfectly perched above the city and forces you to relax in the lap of luxury. Happy birthday to you!

Mr. Jones Cocktail Lounge

Ok, so if you can look over the fact that this place is in the Trump Soho, then you’ll have a birthday worth talking about, even next year. This decadent lounge has decor that gives you a perfect 1960’s vibe, which is totally a comfort zone for your generation, right? Ah, nostalgia. But just know, this type of fancy ain’t cheap, so make sure you bring your friends who have pension plans and don’t live check to check. On top of all that fancy is an amazing international vibe that will let your friends know you’ve been a few places in your life. Happy birthday to your sophisticated palette.


Yes, this is the place that Jay Z owns, which means it’s swanky and a place fit for a king, or queen life his wife Beyoncé. It’s a sophisticated man cave that gives you the option of partying with the general population or sneaking away into your own private room, where you and your guests can get as crazy as you want. Have a friend who gets way too drunk for his age and tax bracket, no worries, they won’t embarrass you because you’re literally in your own little world. Here’s the thing, they have a special for your 40th if you bring 40 people. That shouldn’t be hard, considering it’s your 40th and you need to do it big. But if you’re doing it big, expect to pay big ($1500 without a private room and $3000 with a private room). But with that, you get five complimentary food platters, 40th shaped 1/2 sheet cake, four sets of “4” and “0” shaped balloons, a Happy Birthday sign, 40 customizable 40th birthday invitations with a VIP front-of-the-line access and free entry, 20 gift bags with signature 40/40 t-shirts o baseball caps, four souvenir photos of your night, a tequila shot toast for 20 people and a 40/40 shot glass for yourself! Sounds worth it, doesn’t it?

Happy 40th to you, you filthy animal!