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Reunion Party

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Back Together and it Feels So Good: The Reunion Party

They say to make new friends and keep the old, but even if Facebook tells you everything about everyone you don’t particularly care about, you still lose track of those old friends and acquaintances you have fond memories of. So get ready to reconnect: it’s time for a reunion party.

Reunion Party Venues

Whether it’s a high school reunion or a college reunion, it’s important to get the drinks flowing from the start. After all, old memories are a double-edged sword–they can be good enough to stick with you all these years, but they can tend to be a bit fuzzy, and you don’t want any awkward conversations with old hookups without at least having a drink in hand as you try to remember their name.

And on that note, maybe do take a quick walk down Facebook’s memory lane before the reunion party. You might want to know your options, or non-options, before you get there. And if possible bring a friend that no one will know, thereby giving yourself a constant opportunity to learn a name via introduction to an outsider.