Shut Up! The Chester Just Winterized Their Biergarten!

December 8, 2015

The Chester is one of hose New York City gems that needs to be on everybody’s list. It’s comfort food at it’s finest, nestled in the meatpacking district’s Gansevoort Hotel. It’s like your burger put on a suit and tie for you. And if a burger’s not your thing, they have Chilean sea bass skewers. What?! Who does that? (Although, you can’t get that in the Biergarten, so that gives you a reason to come back!)

And personally, I’m impressed, because as a southern girl living in the city, I am very snobby about my southern fare. The Chester knows what hamhocks are y’all! That’s what my momma uses to season the greens! Color me impressed. Bring your whole bank account because you’re going to want to spend it. Everything on this menu is worth trying.

If that’s not enough to get you to The Chester, surely their biergarten will get you there. I know what you’re thinking–biergarten?! It’s cold outside! Well, here’s the good news! The Chester has winterized its biergarten! Yes, The Chester Biergarten is open in the winter.

Expertly selected German beers and outside in a garden with good food? Of course you need to check this spot out! There’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors in the winter and still being warm. It feels forbidden. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but it’s nice, right?

So not only do you get to eat and drink like you’ve got money and are not worried about paying rent, but The Chester has the most breathtaking views of the posh and storybook gorgeous cobblestone streets of 13th Street, Hudson Ave and Ninth Ave. There’s enough blooming foliage to call it a secret garden. And since I brought up the drinks, listen…they have sangria with Southern Comfort in it. Yes, please! There’s even rosemary-infused vodka.

You don’t need any more convincing. Tell them Birthday Party Booker sent you!