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Madison Square Tavern Review

If you’re looking for a place that’s within walking distance of the historically amazing Madison Square Garden that isn’t corny, filled with tourists or grossly overpriced because tourists are nearby, then Madison Square Tavern is it. Sure, it’s got Tavern in the name, but it’s not just a bar with food. It’s a dining experience with the extensive bar as a backdrop. Let us explain.

This restaurant is not for the faint of palettes. They offer whipped ricotta as an appetizer. You know you’re in for a treat once you see something like that on the menu within the first couple of seconds of glancing at it (you know that sliver of time when you first sit down and the person you came with is chatting you up, but you want to figure out what you’re ordering before the conversation really takes off).

And we’re not the type of people who typically suggest ordering a salad when you’re out to eat and paying your hard-earned coins, but they have a salad called the Country Salad that has blue cheese croutons that will make you question any other bland crouton you’ve ever had. Your mouth should be fully salivating by now and we haven’t even bragged about the entrees yet.

There’s a pan-roasted cod that you won’t find at any other place with “Tavern” in the name. The 48 oz. Porterhouse is suggested as a shared dish, but no one will judge your bottomless pit of a stomach if you bodied it alone. And there’s decadent desserts to end your meal off on a high note, a full note and a I-gotta-come-back-here note. No regrets!

And then of course, there’s their cocktails, which will intoxicate not only your senses, but your tastebuds are going to feel like they’re getting rewarded, like its Oscar season and their any white actor ever. LOL! The Pledge is something like a margarita, but there’s ginger in it that will change the way you look at margaritas. There’s also plenty of draft beer and wine for a simpler, but still inebriated good time.

There’s countless epic concerts that take place in this magical venue, and we all know that stadium food isn’t always the best food, so eating before or after a concert is usually the best option. And if you’re going to make the choice to do that, you need to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Madison Square Tavern gives you the vibe of a man cave, with a woman’s delicate touch and attention to swanky details. There’s three floors, but we’re thinking that the basement level is reserved for those of you who want to party in exclusivity with a room filled with people you know and love. And they will know they’re loved because you brought them here. Corny, we know, but how else can we drive it home that Madison Square Tavern is everything! Elegance, causal cool, delicious food and drinks that are sure to please. You know you wanna go now!