5 Off-The-Wall NYC Gems To Celebrate Your Birthday

December 22, 2015

Birthdays are the most wonderful time of the year. Screw the holidays. You deserve to celebrate your big day in a special way. And by special, we mean unique. There’s so many awesome things about New York City, but one of the most awesome is the amount of off-the-wall venues that make for the perfectly uncommon celebration that you deserve. So if you’re looking for unique birthday venues in NYC, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these conventional- unconventional venues you should consider if you want a party your friends will be talking about for months or until they get tired of talking about it.

Johnny Utah’s

Here’s the place to go if you’re into riding a bull. No, really. There’s a bull here with free rides all night. Show your friends and those perfect strangers that you have no fear in your new year and ride that bull like a champ. There’s also delicious southern fare: fried catfish, short ribs, chili and more.


Want to play games on your birthday? That’s cute, we’re not judging. You should do just that, but on a much classier scale. Slate is the place you need to go if you want to celebrate your big day with food, fun and games…oh and drinks. Pool tables, ping pong, foosball and more are sure to keep your guests occupied. And if not, there’s always the bar.

Lucky Strike

This ain’t your momma’s bowling alley! You know New York City has a way of swanking out any and everything and Lucky Strike benefits from our hoity toityness. This place boasts 16 lanes, lounge, dancing and regular DJs! Talk about the total package! They have elevated bar food and deep fried snacks you’re used to. There’s also the beauty of bowling. If you have friends who don’t like to bowl, you’ve got the wrong friends.

Rockstar Karaoke  

Three words for you: Live. Band. Karaoke.

What!? Honestly, it’s not a birthday unless there’s karaoke. Even though it translates into “tone def,” (we read that somewhere), it’s still a great choice to celebrate your birthday. This is the party that comes to you. You provide the venue, or they can suggest some and leave the rockin’ up to them. Also, check out their staple locations. They bring all the songs, music, lyrics and everything you need to have a karaoke night to remember. You’re going to be Rihanna for your birthday and you’re welcome.

Session 73

Tell your friends you’ve canned the idea of dinner and drinks and you’ll be watching a live show for your birthday. And then if they’re not convinced, tell them there will be dinner–something like a ham & cheese crunch sandwich that boasts a childhood fave—potato chips in the sandwich. If your friends are still hating, break up with them and celebrate your birthday in this lowkey bar with amazing performers.