5 Places To Have A Sexy Valentine’s Day In NYC

February 10, 2016

Ah, it’s that time of year again–when those who cuffed all season are trying to avoid having to do anything for the person they’re boning and couples are scrambling for non-corny ideas to celebrate one of the sexiest holidays since…MLK Day. Hey, that’s one sexy holiday. Moving right along.
Are you spending your Valentine’s Day in NYC? Then you need some pointers on where to go. This sexy holiday is worth celebrating with the love or lust of your life in a fancy way, so we’ve got you covered on the best places to go.
Nomo Soho
Let us tell you about a little something called a staycation. Check into a nice hotel, namely this hotel and slip away. Nomo Soho has everything you would need for the sexiest staycation of your life. Not only can you just check in and step your sexy up, but you can opt for the Do Not Disturb package, that offers champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. The concierge will also book you and yours an appointment to the sexiest lingerie store in NYC–Agent Provacateur, where you’re get a private shopping experience along with more champagne. Yassss!
And if that’s not enough, there’s also a goodie bag filled with naughty things. Don’t feel like leaving right away in the morning? Not to worry, there’s also a $75 credit for you and your lazy love to order breakfast in bed. Yum. And don’t worry over checkout, it’s at 3pm. If you’re not ready by then, go ahead and book another night.
This is the only time you’re allowed to associate yourself with Donald Trump. Mr. Jones is inside of the Trump Soho. We’re sorry, but don’t let that stop you from coming here to enjoy Valentine’s Day.
It’s a retro vibe and a good time–something a little unconventional for Valentine’s Day. It’s already a day of love, so why don’t you just have fun with the one you love?
The Wayfarer has this way of making any occasion feel like it’s catered just for you. Let’s just talk about the meal they’re offering. For $88 per person, you’ll get: duck with foie gras toast, caviar is surely sprinkled on top of something and many of the entrees, like the dry age steak, are for two. Awww. There’s no need to tell you about dessert, because it’s epic. We will tell you that there’s cheesecake lollipops,
And then there’s Central Park. It’s right there. So your Valentine’s plans look thoughtful and romantic. Go on a carriage ride after dinner. Any man who makes a woman feel like a princess, is a man in love. Salute that man.
Ah, the Gansevoort Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day all about love at a place so lovely?!  It’s not the kind of Meatpacking District gems that make you feel left out. It’s good food, the good company of your BAE and a drink menu that just won’t quit.
Oh, and there’s lamb chili, so, there’s that.
You should just have you Valentine’s Day date here just to say the name. Go ahead and let it roll off your tongue. Beaumarchais. Cute, right?
It’s French, so you’ll look like you wanted a fancy French evening with your love. It’s trendy, expensive and sexy–you’re likely to get some for your efforts here. Ok, you will.