Ainsworth | NYC Birthday | Party Bookings

Ainsworth Midtown

45 E 33rd St, New York, NY 10016

Bar, Restaurant & Bar, Rooftop, Sports Bar


Monday - Friday 7AM - 11PM


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Ambience/Top 40


Wood walls, extravagant chandeliers, a rooftop that just won’t quit and more should be enough to make you book your birthday party here. The stunning view of where you can’t afford to live on Park Avenue is enough to make all your social media followers wonder why they weren’t invited. You’ll sing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” in your head the whole time you’re there, no matter how much you try to get it out, because you’re so fancyyyy.


Rustic farmhouse meets chic steakhouse in this New York City hotspot is a must. It’s trendy, but not pretentious. It’s fancy, but affordable—well, if you live in NYC, our definition of affordable is a bit different (not affordable). Even though this part of town reeks of popped collars and to-short skirts, the people at this bar won’t make you roll your eyes…too much. Ignore them and have a fancy cocktail. It’s your birthday!


It’s fancy bar food and there’s no way else to describe it. If Martha Stewart opened a sports bar, she’d steal their delicious menu—Thai kale salad, French onion burger and lemon-roasted lamb chops are just a few of the drool-inducing foods on the menu. There’s also a seafood tower. Seafood. Tower. Totally worth the elevated pricing. And if you rather something simpler—try the mac & cheese burger. Your Instagram will never be the same.


It’s swanky enough to make your pinky pop out when you sip your cocktail, but it’s laid back enough that you won’t feel out of place in ripped jeans and a T-shirt (unless everyone in your party is dressed to the nines, then you should go home). With mouth-watering dishes (seriously, the food is just as amazing as the décor), big, beautiful tables and tasty cocktails, The Ainsworth is so worth your birthday celebration.