FC Gotham | Birthday Party Booker

FC Gotham

409 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014

Bar, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Sports Bar



Monday - Thursday 7:00 pm - 2:00 am

Friday 7:00 pm - 4:00 am

Saturday 12:00 pm - 4:00 am


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Listen to the sounds of whatever sport is playing on the million and one TVs and then again, there may be clubby dance music blaring as well


This is New York City’s premiere luxury sports bar in a basement. No, it really is in a basement. It’s sexy, has pool tables, tall tables to stand at and sip bourbon (that look like small pool tables), plenty of flat screen TVs and there’s books in shelves. The books are more so to add to the décor than they are for you to read. Don’t be scared, there won’t be a pop quiz.


According to their site, they’re inspired by the comfort and warmth of the old British soccer club houses and you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. This is just a flowery way of saying it’s what any man (if given an unlimited budget) would design their own man cave to be. If James Bond played pool, he’d do it here.


Even though they’re super fancy and boast being luxury, their menu is limited to typical bar food—wings, burgers, oh my! But it’s in the Meatpacking District, so of course there’s some extra nose-in-the-air items on the menu, like Brussel sprouts Caesar salad, roasted Portobello and shrimp nachos. And to your surprise, they’re reasonably priced.


Grab your debonair best friends and enjoy a night in James Bond’s man cave. Just make sure there’s absolutely no type of sports game that night because you won’t find a seat, unless Bond is in your party. Or if you’re into sports, come out and celebrate with men who watch sports in a suit. Weekends are crazier than the weekdays, so depending on your preference or poppin’ or kinda lame, pick your day wisely.