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Gold Bar

389 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

Bar, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar


Thurs - Sun : 11pm - 4am

Mon - Wed : CLOSED


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The DJ will play whatever you want, unless you want Taylor Swift.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be inside of Beyonce’s thoughts? Well, wonder no more. Gold Bar is literally the expensive inner thoughts of Beyonce. The name couldn’t be anymore appropriate. It looks like someone dipped the entire bar in gold and it’s glorious. If you want to feel like royalty on your birthday, this is the choice for you. It’s a luxurious bunker, decorated in 1800’s regal photographs, gold skulls line the walls and velvet burgundy cushioned banquettes are perched below, for you and your guests to sit pretty.


It’s got the feel of a speakeasy, the drinks of a speakeasy and the look of a speakeasy. The only thing it’s missing is a fancy shmancy password. (No worries, a debonair tuxedo-wearing bounder will not ask you for your password). Once you’re inside, surrounded by more gold than an Austin Powers character, you’ll feel like royalty—the type of royalty who can twerk when the beat drops. And the beat will drop.


Who cares!? You’re not at Gold Bar for the food. You’re there for the bespoke cocktails, made by mixologists (fancy bartenders) who wear suspenders. Nothing better than that, right? But be careful, these specialty crafted cocktails cost a pretty penny, or typical New York prices (the cost of your first born). But if you’ve got some extra dough after paying for those drinks, try the lobster & corn fritters, the tuna tartar tacos or the braised short rib grilled cheese. Remember us mentioning Beyonce? Well, we’re pretty sure if Beyonce tasted like anything, it would be Gold Bar’s amazing vittles.


This is a lounge you’ll want to wear, no really. The gold décor is the stuff that boastable social media posts are made of. The opulence reminds of you The Great Gatsby and if you want to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio on your birthday, this is the right choice. Plan ahead because it can be hard to get a table, and you’re going to want a table at this luxurious lounge.