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Hotel on Rivington

107 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Lounge, Restaurant & Bar


CLOSED for Renovation


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If you’re schizophrenic and you want to do more than one location within one location, then Hotel Rivington will be your best friend. There’s the lounge, the rooftop and the restaurant, CO-OP—all found inside of this amazing Lower East Side hotel. Have dinner and drinks at CO-OP, outside of the retractable doors that open up to Rivington Street, so people can see how fly you are. Once you’re done, head up to the penthouse (like Richard Gere and Pretty Woman—we know that’s Julia Roberts, duh) for a cool breeze, 360 views of the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building. Yes, these are in different parts of town, but this panoramic view is just that clear, you can see a mass of 40 plus blocks. Wow!


Nothing says beautiful sophistication the way Hotel Rivington does. It’s a Lower East Side hotel that boasts everything cool about this downtown neighborhood, but turns it on its head with modern style and elegant décor. But the best thing about the entire place is the view it offers. It’s grown and sexy. This means you have to dress that way because the bouncer can be very New York and turn you away if you’re as casual as the Lower East Side usually is.


At the restaurant, CO-OP, you’ll be shocked at just how good the food is. But know this—the prices match. Your wallet might say, “Ouch.” Good thing is, the food is meant to be shared, so make that your case when the bill comes. There’s ginger fried chicken, pan roasted scallops and mustard glazed short ribs and miso cured salmon. If your mouth isn’t watering, you don’t have saliva glands and we’re sorry to tease you.


Not to worry if your birthday is in the colder months, the roof can be covered and you and yours can still experience one of the most stunning views in Manhattan. The walls are made of glass and if that doesn’t scream class, we don’t know what does. The view is a full 360 degrees of Manhattan beauty and that’s special enough to celebrate any birthday. And don’t forget, this is a penthouse, and there’s three floors and the third floor has an open-air rooftop your friends will give you a standing ovation for. This is easily one of the most beautiful locations in Manhattan, honestly.