Hudson Terrace | Birthday Party Booker

Hudson Terrace

621 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Bar, Club, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Rooftop


Thursday 5pm - 12am

Friday 5pm - 4am

Saturday 10pm - 4am


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Sunset Fridays at Hudson Terrace: 1 complimentary drink + free admission to the nightclub


It’s a complete New York City experience. From stunning views to the fun, yet swanky crowd, this is a birthday venue for sure! There’s a climate controlled retractable roof, so no matter what time of year, the rooftop lounge is poppin’! There are plenty of leather couches lining the venue for you to stand on. You don’t have to enjoy the breathtaking roof if you don’t want to—no one’s making you. Just so you know, Hudson Terrace has a downstairs that still boasts a grand ol’ time, just without the views.


Even though it’s your birthday, this place is a full-on party zone. Everyone is celebrating something, even if it’s just life. Everyone feels like VIP here—of course if you buy a ridiculously priced bottle, you’re actually VIP, but still…you’ll feel important even if you’re just dancing in the middle of the floor. That’s authentic swank for you. It’s a celebration…bitches.


Even though this is totally a club, the food is a must! Try the shrimp & quinoa tacos and you’ll regret ever making fun of quinoa and the people who eat it. You can never go wrong with Parmesan truffle fries and the crab cake sliders—omg hope you’re not allergic to shellfish because that just sucks. The menu is small, but it’s only because you’re mostly going to be dancing. Cocktails are typical NYC prices--$15 and up. And bottle service is what’s important here, but do you have $300 to burn? Ok, well burn away!


How could you not have the best birthday ever here?! Even if it’s not the best, it will be the best view you’ve ever had of the Hudson River. Upscale night club meets trendy lounge in this NYC hotspot. Doesn’t that sound so phony? Here’s the real—it’s the place to go if you’re trying to maintain an air of sophistication, but you can get ratchet (i.e. you read New York Times best sellers, while 2Chainz plays faintly in your speakers). Don’t forget, the rooftop views serve up a sickening view for a birthday party backdrop that’s jealousy-inducing.