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150 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

Hotel Bar Lounge, Lounge



CLOSED for renovations


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DJ plays Motown, Classic Soul and Old School Reggae, to World and Afro Beat


If Oprah and Kris Kardashian decided to decorate a New York City downtown apartment, it’s Lokee to a T. Don’t worry, they wouldn’t be there. No offense, the crowd is just much cooler, but at least they have good taste, right? The posh setting will have you feeling like you own the joint and why not pretend to on Instagram? We would. Plus chairs, couches, translucent curtains…TRANSLUCENT CURTAINS—if that’s not fancy, we don’t know what is!


If sexy had a living room with a bar in it, it would be Lokee. The plush setting begs you to luxuriate, kick back and enjoy your cocktails. The custom lighting casts the perfect glow on the room and you won’t look like you’ve aged one bit.


Since Lokee is in the Nomo Soho Hotel, you should dine at the Nomo Soho Kitchen. You should also say that 5 times fast. With cauliflower tempura, branzino swimming in a lobster jus Hamachi Carpaccio on the menu, you have to do it. Have to.


This choice for a birthday celebration is not for the faint of heart, or pockets, rather. However, you get what you pay for. Lokee is a posh and elegant nightlife experience. You’ll feel like royalty on your day and you deserve it. But make sure you save up your coins for it, unless you’ve got it like that and in that case, can we borrow a little something?