Lucky Cheng's - Birthday Party Booker

Lucky Cheng’s

605 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036

Club, Entertainment, Live Music, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar


Fridays 7 PM Showing

Saturdays 6 PM & 8 PM Showing


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This is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, your best friend’s birthday, your neighbor’s birthday, or that stranger you locked eyes with for a full minute on the train’s birthday. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by fierce queens on their special day. In the heart of the theater/drag queen district, Lucky Cheng’s not only provides drinks, but they have dinner and a show. When you don’t feel like drunkenly party hopping to prove that you know how to have a good time, Lucky Cheng’s is an all-in-one kind of venue that has everything it needs to keep you thoroughly entertained.



The only way you could fairly describe the vibe of Lucky Cheng’s is fabulous. Just sit  back and relax (or get up and dance) when the queens take to the stage to give you a drag show of a lifetime. It’s high energy and a good time. You need positive energy and a need to be entertained to enjoy this spot.



Who cares about the food when it’s just going to get cold on your plate because you’ll be way too busy watching the show?! Just kidding, everyone cares about the food. Lucky for you Lucky Cheng’s is an “all in” kinda place, so that means that if you’re there, you signed up for dinner and a show. Don’t worry, since the show is heavy, just know that the three course meal is light enough that you don’t have to stop by McDonald’s on the way home. From miso glazed green beans, the fish of the day to a ginger pastry, there’s so many delicious flavors that compete against the queens.



Speaking of competing against the queens, make sure you are dressed to impress. And let’s be real, you should be. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and if you need to be medicated, you have to come to Lucky Cheng’s. They have a killer dinner menu that comes with singing queens that will split your side with laughter. Your friends will appreciate this unique celebration!