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Manhattan Proper

6 Murray Street, New York, NY 10007

Bar, Entertainment, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Sports Bar


Monday - Wednesday & Sunday 11:30 am - 12:00 am

Thursday 11:30 am - 2:00 am

Friday - Saturday 11:30 am - 4:00 am


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If GQ created a sports bar, it would be Manhattan Proper. It’s the perfect mix of chill and ornate. This spot is more of a bar than anything else, a fancy bar, but still…just a bar. The exposed brick wall, wide flat screens and black leather couches give it a man cave feel. Jay Z would likely come here for a drink. He probably hasn’t been here though, so don’t got looking for him.


If your college hangout grew up with you, then it would be Manhattan Proper. Still cool enough to be considered young, but sophisticated enough to be seen in, this bar has a chill vibe and modern décor. You and your party guests will have to stake your claim on a spot to call your own, but they cater to groups, especially those groups who love to watch sports in a button up (with a few buttons undone and tie loosened).


Truffle burger. Need we say anything more? Well yeah, probably. How are about truffle fries? Still not convinced? There’s crispy tempura cauliflower, a salmon burger that’s to die for and a black truffle Caesar salad that will make you question why you’ve never ordered salads when you’re out. You could seriously order a few items and satisfy every last picky tastebud in your group of friends. But it’s really the drinks that will make your mouth water. A spicy margarita is the thing dreams are made of and their signature cocktail has ginger liqueur and grapefruit in it—hello!


If you want a birthday that’s not doing the most, but still trendy enough to make you feel special, then Manhattan Proper is the proper choice. There’s enough New York City glamour to create a stylish backdrop for your birthday pictures, but it’s not too grand like many NYC hotspots that will likely turn you away. There’s specialty cocktails with names like Patron Spiked Sangria and Hawaiian Water—those sound like birthday cocktails to us. Enjoy your drinks, enjoy your friends, enjoy the beautifully drunken photos you’re sure to snap here!