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48 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016

Club, Featured, Lounge, Speakeasy


Wednesdays & Thursdays 6pm -12am

Friday 5pm – 4am

Saturday 9PM – 4am


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Noble. Has been described as a private club as it’s in the back of restaurant and hotspot, PS 450. You only know about this spot if you’re in the know and you’re rocking wit us, so you’re definitely in the know. It’s intimate, which means small, but that means you need to carefully select your friends.



There’s an air of elegance you have to adopt to celebrate anything at Noble. In fact, even saying, “Noble” makes you feel so. It should. If not, maybe you’re not saying it right. It’s almost like a speakeasy, but not really. You don’t need a password, but you do need to know the right people. The vibe is what you make it, since it’s you and yours partying the night away because it’s like you have a club to yourself, because you do.



What the heck is New American Cuisine? Is that like a fancy twist on American classics like mac & cheese, fried chicken and apple pie? Fingers crossed, right? New American does indeed mean fancy, but there’s a worldly twist on their menu. One of the best things they have is the Asian shrimp tacos that are served on a cripsity crunchity wonton taco shell with sweet chili and lime sauce and crispy fried shrimp. Even your munchies just got the munchies.



If you want to be like Ne-Yo and you know you do, Noble. is the best choice you’ve made this year. Hand-pick your from your closest friends, make them dress up and show up fashionably late because it’s your birthday. The plus is that you can easily grab a bite to eat and drinks at PS 450 before heading over to the clurb. Yes, clurb. It’s your own private party from there and when you post on social media, you can make yourself sound really good—like you know a new club that’s private and you’re celebrating your birthday in it and you look so bomb right now. Trust us, they care and they’re sad they didn’t make the list.