Pangea - Birthday Party Booker


2330 Fdr Drive Service Rd E, New York, NY 10010

Bar, Entertainment, Featured, Live Music, Lounge


Docked in NYC May 15 - October 31

Docked in Miami November 15 - May 30


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Music: All up to you! Want a DJ? Get one! Have a Spotify/Apple Music/Pandora account? Hook it up! Or, you could always listen to the waves slap against the yacht…ahhh, relaxation.


Everyone and their mommas always try to top the next party. And nothing says, “I’m better than you” than a private party on a yacht. Ask all the “real housewives” of anywhere. Grab 29 of your closest friends and get ready for a luxurious and unique party (we know, you have so much more on Facebook, but think of this invite as the friends who are actually your friends)! With two decks and six staterooms, there’s plenty of places for your small group to get lost in. There’s also a sundeck, climate control, a bar and lounges.


Ok, so you’ve chartered a boat. Now what? You can either take the boat to restaurants on the water like La Marina or Due Ponti Ristorante, or you can cruise around the Hudson with ridiculous views of the Statue of Liberty, it’s up to you. The yacht is yours—for however long you paid for it. You can’t have it. This is such a unique and fun way to celebrate anything in your life—whether it’s another year of life, or holy matrimony, you deserve this type of swanky in your life.


There is no food on the boat, but we’re pretty sure the captain and crew would delightfully work with you on bringing on your own catering, or if your momma and them want to cook up pots of their specialties! Don’t forget that your captain could take you to some amazing restaurants on the Hudson, so there’s that too. You’ll feel like DJ Khaled, arriving to your next destination via the water. That’s a major key.


Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous! Here’s your chance to fully identify with Rihanna and Beyonce with your own cruise on a private yacht! The Pangea’s owner typically uses this yacht for friends and family, but has recently decided to share the exclusive and opulent fun with people like us—who don’t own boats.

No idea how to sail, no worries! The owner provides a full-time captain and crew, who live on-board and at any moment, they’re ready to sail away with you. Weird, but that’s so convenient for those last minute party planners who just want to kick back and relax.

You can take this special boat for 1-2 hours for the type of Instagram pictures that get 100 likes, minimum or you can take her for the entire day, for more pictures to make everyone who wasn’t invited jealous. And because the boat only comfortably fits 30, some of your friends will be left behind.