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Penthouse Executive Club

603 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

Bar, Entertainment, Live Music, Restaurant & Bar


Monday - Saturday 7PM–4AM

Sunday Closed


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Where else can you go and get a full meal—we’re talking dry aged steaks, tuna tartar--and a lap dance? This isn’t your typical strip club. This place is classy, so you won’t be embarrassed to come here. But then again, who gets embarrassed at a strip club? Penthouse is a gorgeous club that boasts even more gorgeous women. This is literally a one-stop-shop for one of the sexiest nights of your life.


It’s literally the classiest strip club you’ll ever go to. The space has a sensual appeal, but feels upscale. There’s private rooms to enjoy in, well…private. And every inch is decked out in style, so it screams opulence. The crowd is the same—men in suits, men in jeans, doesn’t matter—the one thing they have in common, they’re men with dollar bills to spare.


It’s crazy that we can even talk about the food at a strip club, but Robert’s Steakhouse is on the second floor of the venue. You can honestly get a satisfying and perfected meal right upstairs before you allow a dancer to grind all over you. Their menu boasts Maryland crab cakes with micro greens, Hamachi, wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil and they’ve even got a full selection of steaks—from porterhouse to filet mignon. These are only a few items on their extensive menu. There’s pretty much no need to go anywhere else when you come here.


A tender steak and a tender woman all in one convenient place. We hate ourselves for saying that just now, but it’s true. Everyone who works here—from the doormen to the coat check girls to the dancers, are kind and treat everyone who walks in with the utmost respect. And the women here don’t just take off their clothes, they give you a full show—dancing, poling, burlesque and more. Everything here is impressive. Although, we’ve heard that there are some people who pay more attention to their steaks than what’s going on, on stage. But honestly, could you blame them?