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Randolph At Broome

349 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

Bar, Restaurant & Bar



Mon-Fri: 5pm-4am | Bar Menu All Day Until 12a

Sat-Sun: 12pm-4am | Bar Menu All Day Until 12a


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This is a spot you take your friends to impress them. No, it doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of many NYC bars and lounges, but it’s got the heart and grit of the city that’s even more appealing. With down home comfort food to hug your belly tight and the types of cocktails that will force you to keep your tab open. But wait, it’s your birthday, so it’s on your friends! Keep ordering!


There’s nothing better than a bespoke cocktail. In a laid back bar. They have a menu option where you can order off the menu. Tell them what you like and at their request, don’t be weird and you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised at the result. Since they’re making these types of drinks here, they’re obviously in the business of making everyone feel special and you are.


From Sangrita (margarita and sangria mixed) to something called a Texas Porch Sipper, you’d think the drinks were the superstars. But, it’s the food that will make your jaw drop. The menu boasts lots of elevated bar food, but guess what? If you order one of their mouth-watering burgers, .25 of every burger goes to the NYC coalition against hunger. Everybody wins.


This is one of those neighborhood bars that makes you feel like everyone knows your name—in that “Cheers” way, not a creepy, peeking in your windows way. They made cocktails specifically for you—what’s more birthday than that? There’s also a menu that will make you want to order everything…with cheese…twice. If your birthday is to celebrated simply, but with a unique twist, come here.