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Randolph Brooklyn

104 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Monday : Closed

Tue-Fri: 5pm-2am

Sat-Sun: 12pm-2am | Brunch until 8pm


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Try not to be mesmerized by the countless bottles behind and over top of the bar. You’ll be mesmerized and no one will judge you. Randolph seems to be a magical place where the drinks refuse to stop flowing and everyone in it is much cooler than you.


This is your favorite bar’s funky cousin. It’s got all the charm of its counterparts in Manhattan Proper, without the proper. It’s graffitied, laid back and somehow, still fancy. Nothing screams, “Take my picture!” more than the black and white cursive graffiti on one of the walls. (Ask for a table over there, so you can have this dope backdrop.) There’s also a section with red booths, so then, there’s also that. Oh and there’s an arcade game and air hockey. We know, you’re into it.


Let the big ass pretzel be the reason you come here because it’s flippin’ delicious, but it’s not the only thing on the menu worth talking about. There’s also pork sliders, burgers that give back to charity and crispy grits—what?! Yes! The menu has a southern flare, right in the heart of Brooklyn. Nothing’s more charming than that—well, cocktails are. And Randolph’s cocktails are definitely charming and potent and delicious.


Signature cocktails aren’t hard to come by in New York City, but once you find a bar that has signature cocktails almost as good as the food, then you’ve found a pot of gold. Randolph is that place and we’ve already found it for you, so you’re welcome.

Don't for get to ask us about RB's

-bottomless brunch for $34/pp includes large brunch plate and 90 min unlimited brunch cocktails/beer
-and their amazing FREE cocktail pitchers- exclusive offer with BPB