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Royale Boston

279 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

Bar, Club, Entertainment, Restaurant & Bar


Friday & Saturday 10PM - 2AM

Closed Sunday - Thursday


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DJ playing hip hop, EDM, Top 40


Ever heard of a mega club? Well, this is one of them. Royale has multiple levels, so there’s plenty of floors to lose your friends on—not that you want to lose your friends, but it could happen.


It’s like having a night in Miami or Vegas, but you’re in Boston. Shining lasers, bass booming in the speakers and the vibration of a dance floor filled with gyrating bodies is pretty much what goes on here. If you’re looking for a quiet night around a table while your friends praise you for being you, then this isn’t the plan for you. Turn up or bust!


You’d better fill up before you come. Because the only thing to eat here is the olive in your martini. And if you’re hungry, maybe you can ask for an extra couple of olives? Eitehr way, this is not the place to get calories, it’s the place to burn them. Sounds like a win to us!


You’ve stepped into the Renaissance era and your friends will definitely “like” all your Instagram snapshots. That’s if you even have time to take pics. The DJ will keep you on the dance floor the entire night. This is about to be really corny, but this is the place to be when you’re out in Boston. See, corny, but we mean it. This place is lit.