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Session 73

1359 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10021

Bar, Entertainment, Live Music, Lounge


Monday - Thursday 5pm - 2am

Friday 5pm - 4am

Saturday 11am - 4am

Sunday 11AM-12:00AM


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Live pop, rock cover bands-mostly 80’s and 90’s also blues, jazz, funk and salsa.


This is the type of place where you come for the drinks, but stay for the bartender. Session 73 boasts some of the most loved bartenders on the Upper East Side. Session 73 will feel like your new favorite bar. There’s live music every night, so whatever the big show is, is the mood that’s cast over the entire place. This is a spot that takes on the personality of the performance.


It’s one of New York City’s best-kept secrets. A place where you can get great service, cheap drinks and a live show without breaking the bank. We all know that doesn’t exist anymore. Oh, but it does. Having your party here would be perfectly lowkey, but still special because of the live performances and low drink prices (which obviously will keep your friends and strangers buying you drinks!)


At Session 73 you’re here for the live music and the great drinks. However, where there is inebriation, there is food to help soak up the alcohol, so you can drink some more. Your staple bar food selections are on the menu, but there’s also favorites like the Teriyaki Steak Sandwich and the Ham & Cheese Crunch sandwich that boasts a childhood fave—potato chips in the sandwich.


The Upper East Side has a wealthy reputation, which means if you’re partying up this way, your bank account isn’t one swipe away from ruin. However, Session 73 just might be one of the most affordable spots in the neighborhood.