Sky Terrace | Birthday Party Booker

Sky Terrace

356 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

Lounge, Rooftop


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This tucked away lounge is on the 15th floor of the Hudson Hotel and many don’t readily know about it, so it’s perfect to snatch your friends for a birthday drink or drinks. We’re not judging. Also, if you want to convince your friends that you’re having an Alice in Wonderland-inspired birthday, the décor will make them believe you. It’s like a tucked away tea party in there!


It feels refined, as if the queen of something invited you over for a spot of tea and wanted to brag about her space. There’s even a hammock there for your chilling pleasure. If you want a laid back birthday that’s only a cocktail hour, this is the spot.


There is no food, but there are drinks. Many people come to this secret garden for their red or white sangrias, but they also serve rose, wine cocktails, mojitos and beer. OMG there’s even a grapefruit Old Fashioned! So don’t come hungry because you’ll leave drunk.


Imagine going to a secret garden with amazing drinks and music quiet enough that you can actually talk to your party guests? Well imagine no more, because the Sky Terrace is just that. This is for the easy like a Sunday morning birthday celebrations that you want to relax and enjoy each other’s company over $16 cocktails that are seasonally created and worth the high price tag. Enjoy being nestled in greenery, relaxing lounge chairs and hammocks. If you want the opposite of a turn up, this is your best choice. Also…fresh air.