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Space Ibiza

637 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019



Friday - Saturday 10:00 pm - 6:00 am


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All the hottest DJ’s from around the world, making you fist pump to EDM


This is for the birthday celebration that no one will remember in the morning. It’s a club and nothing else. Sure, they do special events, like your birthday, but club style—bottle service, snooty servers, girls teetering around your VIP table in their too-high heels and a constantly bumping beat. What a night that could be featured on MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” choose this place.


This is the type of place that closes at 6 a.m., so yeah. If you looked up “night club” in the dictionary, this place would show up. Go-go dancers, the hottest DJ, lasers, fist pumping, rude bouncers—it’s got it all.


Who knows? But they do brag about how they do special events and say there’s passed, buffet or banquet style food options. But we’re gonna be really honest with you—we don’t know what those options are.


There’s something so fun about an unfiltered club night. Space Ibiza is known to throw a rocking party and that’s it. Have dinner elsewhere, come here and get your typical vodka cranberry and spend the night on the dance floor, which is huge! There’s also a rooftop, which serves as a nice escape from the club, but not really because there’s a DJ up there too. Be ready to drop some real dough on getting in, the drinks and if you have a tab at the bar ($50 minimum). That’s a real New York experience—spending way too much in one night at one bar.