Spin The Bottle - Birthday Party Booker

Spin The Bottle

9 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

Entertainment, Live Music, Speakeasy



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If you know about this place, you’re officially the coolest. Honestly, no one knows about this place. We barely know. Remember that risqué game you used to play on the chance you’d get to smooch your crush? Well this place is set up for a replay, but no pressure. It's as equipped for more adult tastes. Think authentic speakeasy tucked away in the shadows of the Empire State Building.


Obviously, you’re going to feel superior - this is an in-the-know type venue. It’s in a 1870’s brownstone that was once a wealthy tobacco merchant’s home smack in the middle of the old Tenderloin district. This guy had a lot of staff, so to say this place is swanky is an understatement—even for the late 1800s. With views of the Ace Hotel and furniture that should be in a museum somewhere, you’ll feel like sin city royalty sipping your own bespoke cocktail mix.


In the middle of Manhattan, hanging in a cozy nook that people may not know exists should give you confirmation that you and your celebration are LIT. Travel back in time through swinging saloon doors and heavy velvet curtains. Bring your band, bring your favorite DJ - or let us help you find one. This very private hotspot is also souped up for video and photo shoots. It's just that fly—so kill all the birds with the one stone that is your birthday celebration. Book. This. Place.